Monday, March 4, 2013

I was soooooooo sooooooooooo soooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!! Really really happy!!!

Kasey is coming home on Friday!!!
You are invited to an Open House to welcome her home!
Sunday, March 10 - 1:00pm-4:00 p.m. at our house.
Send me an email ( and I can give you further details.

Hi Everyone!

Ai!  Time is flying so fast!  It's so surreal.  Yesterday, during sacrament meeting, the Bishop announced that I would be sharing a testimony because I would leave this week.  We came in right before the meeting started because we were waiting for someone at the train station, so the Bishop had not had a chance to tell me that I was speaking.  I leaned forward to the sisters in front of me to clarify what he said, and when I would be speaking and they sweetly informed me that this was my last Sunday and that I would need to share a testimony.  I'm glad that they reminded me of that.  

Soooooooooo many good things happened yesterday.  First of all, we had a family come to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of our investigators came with her husband and son!!!!! She did not seem very convinced after our lesson on Saturday, but her friend who is also a member of the church spent a lot of time talking to her and she came!!! They all seemed to have a good time!!!!  

The My Conversion fireside was last night.  This fireside happens at the end of every transfer.  The missionaries who are finishing their missions can invite a convert to come and share their testimony.  AM came and spoke and she did a great job!  I could tell she was nervous and she kept asking me what she should say.  But, when she sat down she said, "I could feel the Holy Ghost so I knew whatever I said was good."  Wow!!! It was also really sweet to see her sit with her daughter during the hymns and point to the word in the hymn book so her daughter could follow along.  I remember you used to do that for us mom.  

Also, E. was able to come!!! When I called her this week she said she had to work, but somehow she made it!!!!!  I was soooooooo sooooooooooo soooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!! Really really happy!!! She looks great and happy!!! 

There is this sweet girl named M., she and her Aunt were baptized about a year ago.  We go over to their house to help them with English and to teach some of her Aunt's friends.  We spend about 4 hours at their house each week, but we're busy the whole time with lessons, lunch and English help.  It's a lot of fun.  They took us for ice cream after we visited on Saturday and the whole way there, Mandy just held my hand.  She came up and hugged me several times yesterday and told me how sad she was that I was leaving.  She is adorable, and I'm glad she warmed up to me!!!

On the escalator down to the MTR, I heard a voice say, "Leung Ji Muih!!!!"  I looked and saw a sister from TKO riding up on the escalator.  She is back from Mainland for 2 weeks and heard that I was finishing my mission and that the fireside was tonight.  Even though she was late, she came to see me.  We're supposed to meet with her for dinner this week.  I went finding with her one of my first moves in Hong Kong and we could hardly communicate; now we can!  It was such a blessing to see her.

Last week, I was worried about not giving enough my last week.  Of course my mission hasn't been perfect, because I'm not perfect, and sometimes it's hard to admit that.  However, as I was going to sleep last night I just felt soooooooooooooooooooo happy and content.  I really feel good about my mission and I'm excited to take what I've learned and use it for the rest of my life.  I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of each of His Children and that I needed to come here to the China Hong Kong mission.  Probably, not so much that I could help these people, but so that they could help me.  It is not us missionaries who do the converting, but it is Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost.  I have been so blessed to be a part of that process.  

I love you all so much and can't wait to see you on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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