Thursday, December 8, 2011

"You're sooooo tall!!!!"

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Hi Everyone!
Here are the answers to your questions:

1 - How were your flights? We're you able to sleep on the plane?
My flights were sooooo good, I expected it to be miserably long, but it went by so fast. I was able to sleep quite a bit.
2 – What are the names of the other sisters in the apartment and where are they
from? Sister K. is from Mesa Arizona and Sister S. is from Hong Kong.

3 - How do you like your mission president and his wife?
They are amazing! President Chan is so great! He was very nice and spoke to us in English the first day, (it helped because some of the missionaries spoke Mandarin and wouldn't understand Cantonese.) He also pulled out a map of HK as we were driving to the mission home and explained where we were going. It was great! Sister Chan is so sweet and an awesome cook!! She fed us a lot while we were there!

4 – You mentioned that you have longer sleep hours? Is that true ALL the time? If so, that is AWESOME!!!!
Not longer, just different, we go to bed at 11 and wake up at 7 instead of 10:30 to 6:30
5 – How’s the food?
The food's not too bad, I had my first 2 Chan-outs this week. (That's meals with members.) Luckily they didn't force me to eat a lot. I've heard that's what they do. Yesterday we had Dim Sum, I don't know how to spell it, but pretty much there were a bunch of different kinds of meats and dumplings on a turntable and we would take what we wanted from the middle. I had to get over my germ a-phobia really fast because everyone just uses their chopsticks to get their food. Well, I can't use them well yet, so Sister S. and Sister C. were helping me get things from the middle of the table into my bowl. . . it was quite pathetic. At our dinner with the Chan family on Tuesday, Sister Chan spent a good 5 minutes trying to teach me how to use chop sticks. . . and I still couldn't!! At least people won't be able to feed me a lot for awhile, they'll probably lose patience before I can eat everything!!

Ok so Story time!!!! Last Thursday we were walking to district meeting and I noticed this group of 4 teenage girls starting at me. I said Hi and they responded, "You're sooooo tall!!!!" hahaha Then one of them handed her friend her cell phone so she could take a picture with me. Then ALL of them wanted pictures with me!! haha I felt like a celebrity!! It's crazy how tall I am here. People tell me that a lot! I have kind of an advantage I'm tall and I can speak Cantonese, that at least makes some people initially want to talk to me. I am amazed at how much they can understand! Can you believe it!!! I'm in Asia, speaking Chinese!!! This is seriously a miracle. I still don't understand a whole lot of what people say back to me, but it doesn't stress me out, I know I'll get it eventually and somehow I am able to understand enough. Heavenly Father is Amazing!!

My first Sunday at church was sooooo good!! The ward is very nice! I was able to introduce myself to a lot of the ward before the meeting and tell them that I just got to Hong Kong and I was pleased to meet them. I also bore my testimony, and I didn't understand much else!!! hahaha However I already know I'm going to love being in this ward! We have been able to have a member present at all of our lessons so far! It is amazing how much they support us. We're also starting a plan for Christmas time to have all of the members contact all of the less active members and invite them to come back to church. Elder H. one of the Tu Kwan O (our area) Elders is sooooooo on fire about this. I am sooooo excited!! There are about 125 people at Sacrament meeting every week, but there are another 200ish who don't come!!! Wow!!! If we even get 1/10 back, that would really strengthen the ward!

Last Friday we helped a lady hang some cabinets in her apartment, we talked to her a bit about the church and invited her to come for a tour of the chapel. She came to church on Sunday and we are now teaching her and her son! They are both awesome! It's a bit difficult because she has some hearing problems and doesn't natively speak Cantonese, so Sister C. has to translate a lot of what I say, but it is still so great to be able to teach!

There is a new 12 week training program for new missionaries. It's really great because we have an extra hour of companion study to practice teaching and language. It also means that Sister C. is already letting me take the lead in some of the lessons. It's intimidating especially since I can't understand a lot of what is being said, but it is amazing that I can try! She is a great trainer! She has lots of patience and is sooooo willing to let me practice and try teaching. I'm also starting to make phone calls!! I have made 3 successfully without having to hand the phone to Sister C! We also worked out a good system for now where I will make the call and talk for a bit, ask how the person is doing and then say, "Chan Ji Muih wants to talk to you." Then I hand the phone to Sister C and she schedules, answers questions and gives directions!

A little about the buildings in HK. Yesterday, we took the MTR to a part of our area, the train exit led us into a mall. When we finally made it out of the mall, I looked back at the building and realized there were huge apartment complexes on top of the mall!!! Aiyah!!! I think I may have seen trees on top of the mall too!! Remember that chapel Uncle Phil told us about? I got to see it on Monday for Zone meeting!! It's beautiful. It was crazy though because it's in a really busy part of HK Island so I was walking along the busy streets and enjoying all the shops and people and then BAM! I was in a church building! It was a crazy change. Elder N. and SIster L. from my MTC district are in my Zone, it was so good and crazy to see them! It's like a forbidden love. . but not really, just we have this specially bond from the MTC where we were always with each other, and now, we're not. . . It was sooo crazy!

I hope everything is going well for all of you!!! I love you sooooo much!!!

Sister Nelson

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