Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm soooo glad I got to talk to all of you on Christmas!  I'm glad you had a good Christmas day!  The house is looking great!  Wow!  I barely recognize it! 
Hahaha side note, I'm in the shop we e-mail from, with 5 other missionaries.  Someone's cell phone just rang with a super hard-core rapish hip-hop dance song (I don't really know what to call it).  It was so funny to see all the missionaries look up at each other trying to figure out 1) What we were hearing and 2) Whether we should dance or not.

Thank you sooooooo much for the card from our ward!!!  Wow!  I was so excited to read it.  The Browns did a great job with their drawing!  Hahaha so good!.  Other mail of note this week was Ashley's wedding announcement!!!!  She's getting married TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe it!  It's so exciting!  Their engagement picture is soooo cute!  Ah!!
Kelli and Nathanael, I hope you have fun at the New Year's dance!  Is it actually on New Years?  Because of the time difference, I'm not sure if "Tomorrow" actually means Friday or Saturday.  It's weird how that works huh?  I'll get to celebrate the New Year 14 hours before you!!
We got to go to the temple today!  It was so great!  It's really tiny!  It's a lot smaller on the outside than I expected, and on the inside, only one floor is actually the temple.  It's sooo pretty though!  I met Sister D. from Knoxville too!  She and Elder D. led the session.  She is sooo nice!
Yesterday, Sister C. had leadership training, so I was Sister L.'s companion (one of my MTC companions)!!!!!!!!  It was sooooo fun!  We took two of our recent converts on walks around the temple to get them excited for when they can go.  I had been praying all week that we would be able to teach well and understand Sister A. and Sister L., the ladies we took around the temple (especially since Sister L. is from Thialand and Sister A. is from Mainland so they both have accents that make their Cantonese hard to understand).  We did!  Can you believe it?!  Both of us have only been in Hong Kong 1 month (to the day) and we were walking around having a conversation with Chinese women.  Sister L. took us to lunch after and we were even able to have a small conversation with her.  She taught me some Thai.  It was kind of weird to be learning Thai through Cantonese, but it worked!  The gift of tongues is so real!!!  I have learned it's only this real when I really need it, and when I really desire it.  The rest of the time, Heavenly Father is going to make me work to understand and to speak, but that's good!  I know this because once Sister C. and I were teaching together and I struggled to understand what was being said.  I'm going to start praying specifically to understand in each of my lessons everyday.  I really want to be able to understand and contribute more to the lessons, and I know Heavenly Father can help me!

Last week was a bit rough, a lot of our investigators weren't answering their phones and we saw two of them in the mall on Saturday, but they really didn't want to talk to us.  This week we set goals for how many lessons we wanted to teach with a member present each day and we've been praying we can reach those specific goals.  Heavenly Father is doing miracles!  Monday we wanted two lessons, but only had one scheduled.  Then, Sister S., one of our recent converts who we are still teaching after baptism lessons, and Sister C. is also helping with her Biology homework, brought a friend, H., to our lesson so that she could have help with Bio too.  We shared a short message with both of them about prayer.  We met with them again on Tuesday and H. had prayed and really felt more peace about her Biology test!  We really hope we can keep teaching her, she seems really excited to learn more!!!  The Elders also gave us a referral for a woman we met last night, and we were able to teach 2 lessons while we were contacting with one of the Young Single Adults in our ward.  It's so amazing what Heavenly Father is doing! 
While we were contacting on Wednesday, we said Hello to a Filipino lady.  She doesn't speak Cantonese so we tried talking to her in English.  It was the most awkward thing ever!  "We are uh. . . . Missionaries. . . from. . ." (look at tag) "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.. . I am" (read tag again) ". . .Sister Nelson. . ."  Of course we didn't have an English Book of Mormon, but we wanted to give her one soooo bad!!!  Sister C. was in the process of writing down her number so we could have the international sisters send her a Book of Mormon when another Filipino lady walked up to us and said "Hi Sisters!!!" and then looked at her friend, "I'm a member of their church!" Hopefully she can explain things better than we did, I was so happy to get  back to talking about our Church in Cantonese again!  I really don't know how to do it in English!

Oh Questions!  Hou Faai! Sorry!  I'm running out of time!

1 – Do they have Seminary in your ward? Early Morning? Yes and Yes
2 – What is your primary mode of transportation? Bus and the train
3 – How are your shoes? Good choice? Good except the elastic on the brown ones broke, I took them to a lady to fix, on my first P-day.  She wasn't done last week, and now she is not answering her phone.  We think she went to Mainland for Christmas.  Pray that I can get it back soon, I'm getting sick of wearing black!!

I love you soooo much!!!

Happy New Year!!!
Sister Nelson

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