Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year!!!  I slept right through it!  Hahaha!  It's been really fun to wish everyone Happy New Year!  I'm glad you got a copy of the picture with President and Sister Chan!  I was wondering what they were going to do with it!  Speaking of pictures, I have my camera cord today!  I have TONS of pictures!! So, my e-mail will be a bit shorter so I have time to send them all to you. 

Can you believe it?  I've been in Hong Kong almost 1 move!!! Moves calls are next Tuesday!  I'm most likely staying here unless President Chan wants me to have a different trainer (I hope not!!!) and then Sister C. dies.  (Barbara's note:  When a missionary “dies,” it means that they are in the last area of their mission before they go home.)  Elder H. has been in this area for 3 moves and thinks he'll probably stay another since Elder O. is being made Zone Leader, but will probably get moved after that.  That means I'll probably stay at least another move after Sister C. leaves, and I'll be the one who's been in this area the longest!!! Ahhhh!!! We're starting a missionary class for church members in February and the other missionaries informed me that I better listen because I'll be the one that knows what's going on when they leave!  AAIya!!! 

Thank you so much for sending me the mission calls from my BYU ward!  Wow!!! I'm soooo excited for those girls!  They're all going to be great missionaries!  It's so fun how many of us are going to Asia!!! If you think of it please keep me updated, it's so fun to hear about my fellow sister missionaries!!!!

The new district comes in next week!!! I can't wait to see them!!
1 – Let me know when you get your brown shoe back.
 I will for sure.  I'm guessing she'll probably be in Mainland until the Chinese New Year.  Keep praying.

2 – Have you eaten anything new/unusual/weird this week? 
No, but we had an awesome Chang out with the Relief Society president's family.  I could identify all of the meat, the seasoning was slightly more American than normal, and they did say Sihk Dodi (Eat More) but it was when they were feeding us tangerines!!!  Sooooo good!  Tuesday a lady in the other ward made us Tahitian food.  It was yummy!!

3 - Do you have to pay to use the computers? 
Yes, it's about 7HK, not bad!!!

Miracles of the week!!! Yesterday we planned to do some finding with Sister A., but we had a lesson with a newer member of the church, Sister PM, right before so she came along too.  We decided to split so I went with Sister PM while Sister C. went with Sister A.  I was nervous, because I don't understand Sister PM very well, and I'm terrible at contacting.  But it worked!!! We had such a good time together and we talked to a lot of people!!  It is amazing how Heavenly Father helps fill in the gaps at times like that.  Remember the Filipino lady I told you about last week?  We ran into her again!! She was like "Oh Hi!  Remember me?"  She hadn't read the pamphlet we gave her yet, but I was able to explain a little more about the Plan of Salvation and the Book of Mormon and ask her again to read it the pamphlet.  She seemed excited to learn more.  I also wrote down her number again so we can make sure the international sisters contact her!

I understand more and more each day.  We had correlation meeting for the first time in two weeks on Monday, and I was amazed at how much I could understand!  I'm finishing phone calls a lot now, and I can keep up more in the lessons!! This is soooo exciting!  I still have a LOOOOOONG way to go, but the gift of tongues is real!! Heavenly Father is doing miracles in Hong Kong!!

Ok I'm going to send the pictures now!!!

Good luck this week as you go back to school and work and everything.  I'm praying for you!

Sister Nelson
On a bus! with Sister C.
At Central in front of a crazy barbie Christmas display park thing
Our HK temple gingerbread house!!
Mission Christmas party with my MTC companions
Sister C. and I at the Mission Christmas party
Mission Christmas Party
Our Christmas "Morning" at 8 PM
A cooking activity at the chapel
At the Hong Kong Temple
A Baptism!
A street car with carolers on the top deck, they sounded terrible, but made my day!!!
The Wanchi chapel!  Isn't it pretty?  They hold church here every day!!!
Me in Mon Kok on my 2nd P-day

Me and the mission president and his wife, in front of the Hong Kong temple

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