Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chinese New Year Week

Hi Mom, Dad, Kelli, Nathanael and Savanna!!
San Lihn Fai Lohk (The pinyam is spelled wrong I'm sure, but Happy New Year!!!)
I hope you all had a great week and I'm so happy you got some more snow!!  
So a lot happened this week, I'm just going to give you a day by day summary so I can keep my thoughts straight!
Last Thursday:  Korean BBQ!! Sooooo yummy!!!! There are grills in the middle of the tables so we just picked different kinds of meat and vegetables from the buffet and cooked them ourselves.  Sister H. was there, so it was soooo fun to catch up with her since I haven't seen her since the MTC.
Friday:  Miracle!!! We had a pull back!!! That means we are out finding and we "pull-back" someone to the chapel and teach a lesson.  It's easy in Wan Chi where the chapel is on a busy street, but ours is in the boonies by a construction place (kind of sketchy looking)  so it never happens.  But we had an hour to do some finding in PoLam Estate (it's right next to our chapel) and we had barely entered the estate when we ran into a lady and her three kids.  We started talking to her and the kids and next thing I knew we had invited her to have a tour of our chapel and I was talking to K., the 5-year old girl as we walked to our church!!!  The woman's name is Sister W., we taught her about prayer and she seemed really excited and even invited her kids to pray with us at the end of the lesson.  Even more perfect, the recent convert the Elders were teaching showed up early to his lesson, so he joined our lesson for a bit.  He did a great job of explaining how prayer and baptism have blessed his life, and helped occupy the kids while we taught.  It was soooo perfect!  Unfortunately, I called her last night to schedule another appointment with her and she said her family told her she can't meet with us any more.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  She also hasn't had a chance to pray on her own yet.  I told her that if she prays and feels that this is good and wants to learn more, Heavenly Father will provide a way.  I'm praying so hard for her!! It's amazing how much I love her and her three kids even after talking for an hour.  I know how much the gospel can bless her life.
Saturday:  BBQ Hong Kong Style!!  They cook all of their food over a bonfire;  bacon, chicken wings, hot dogs, sausage, corn, bread.  The bishop had to keep instructng me on how to do it. Like don't cook chicken and bacon together because chicken cooks really slow, and telling me how to squewer the sausage so it would stay.  I felt like a 4-year-old, but I was really grateful for his help.  About the time I was feeling full, the leaders left and came back with corn on the cob, slabs of chicken and beef and HUGE Shrimp (with legs, eyes, and antenna. . .  I didn't eat those) all of which they cooked over the fires.  Crazy!!
Sunday:  1 hour of church for the New Year.  We went finding as a district.  We knew it would be difficult because it was cold and everyone was rushing places for the New Year, but we've been praying all week that we would have success and we had several miracle lessons!!! It was awesome!
Monday:  Deep Cleaning!!! Alll day!! About halfway through we ran out to get more cleaning supplies, we expected it to be deserted because of the holiday. . . nope!!!  Here were 4 sister missionaries in sweats and old coats that we got from a member, walking to the grocery store while everyone else was in their nice holiday clothes. . .  whoops!!  I'll remember that next year.
Tuesday:  Big Buddah!!! It was freezing and Foggy, but soooooo cool!!!  After we walked around we had a traditional vegetarian lunch at the monastary.  It was actually pretty good.  Elder and Sister K., the office missionaries, sat with us.  It was really funny because all of us missionaries have adapted to the HK table manners (all the food is in the middle and we just reach for it with chopsticks, and for things like rice, one person serves for everyone)  The Elder and Sister K. haven't had the same opportunity and seemed a bit confused and appaled that we weren't passing all the dishes clockwise like in the US. Haha!  P-day was all day because of the New Year.  Luckily, we had dinner with a member that night so we got to proselyte a bit.  Thank goodness!!! 
Wednesday:  We went hiking with our ward in Sai Kwun.  We hiked up a road to a dam, then it started it raining.  .  luckily there was another ward there, and they had just taken buses to the dam, and offered the missionaries a ride back since we had things to do in the evening.  It was soooo fun to hike.  There were a ton of runners and cyclists, I was a bit jealous. . . haha  Dad and Nathanael, I think you might be interested in how they built the dam.  When I send a picture, the big blue cement thing is the shape of the blocks they used to build it, it looked really cool!!!
Questions -
1 - Are a lot of young people joining the church? 
Yes, we love talking to students!!! They are more willing to listen and change and really are awesome!!

2 - Last week you mentioned that your DLs dad was taking you all to lunch. Do native HK missionaries get to see their families sometimes?  
He just sent money for us to go to lunch, but Elder H.'s dad does work in the chapel where we have Zone meetings, so they run into each other on a regular basis, I was with them once and we happened to ride the same elevator as his Dad.  Elder H. barely did anything, I didn't even know it was his dad except another Elder mentioned it.  It was right after he hurt his knee though and I don't think he wanted his dad to know right then what was going on. 
I love you all soooooo much!!! I'm out of time, so I'll send pictures next week.  
Love you!!!
Sister Nelson

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