Thursday, April 19, 2012

I've been learning characters for a week now!!!

 The sister on the right is serving at the Hong Kong temple and sent these pictures to us.

Hi Everyone!

Happy Middle of April!!! Yikes!!! Can you believe I've already been a missionary for 7 months!!!!  I was talking with SIster H. the other day. We realized that we don't have much of a desire to go back to our old life, school and such, if our family could come on our missions with us we'd be good for the rest of our lives!! haha maybe you and dad will get called to HK!!! That would be awesome!
I'm so excited you get to see Elder Oaks too!!! We get to see him in the same month! I think I get to sing in a choir when he comes!!! We were talking today about what we're going to wear, I think Sister F. is going to ask one of the girls in her ward if we can borrow a straightener, I'm soooo excited! I really hope she does. It will be nice to look nice and fashionable for a day.

A. got baptized on Sunday!!!! She and F. came to visit us on Saturday! I'm so happy for her! Y. called me the other night and we talked for awhile. She said she is already seeing changes in her life, and her mom is starting to notice too! She's started helping more around the house and trying to get along with her sister. She said she is , "hou hoi saam!!" "Soooo Happy!"
One of our investigators here, Ay. is getting baptized on the 29th!!! We talked to her about setting a day on Saturday and she came up to us on Sunday and said, "I think the 29th is good." She is sooooo good and her faith is amazing!

I've been learning charcters for a week now!!! Already I feel like my world is opening up as I begin to understand signs, but I'm also a bit overwhelmed, I have NO idea how to write it!! One of the ladies in our ward spent a good 10 minutes teaching me how to write "gwok" the sign for country the other day. It's sooo hard!!! On the speaking note, I've had a lot of comments from people lately saying, "Woah your Cantonese is very good" and some have even said especailly for being here only 5 months. At first it made me feel good, but now I'm a bit confused because I have no idea what I did or why it's good!!!  I just don't want to loose it, so that's putting the pressure on me to be sure I do "Study Your Language" and keep studying the spoken portion. I've been praying a lot lately to know what I need to do to improve. I'm at the point that I can get by, but now I want to progress.
Today for P-day we did a photo scavenger hunt. It was really fun. We decided to e-mail right after, so my converter is back at the church with the rest of my stuff, I'll have to send them next week.
1 - Is there anything in particular that you miss these days? 
Talking to my family of course!!! As for silly unimportant things: Fixing my hair, dressing in normal clothes, milk, whole wheat pasta, hearty bread and nuts hahaha but I've found decent subtitutes for all of them and will splurge once in a while and it's totally worth it!!!!!!!!! hahaha!!!! This is the only time in my life that I get to live with out all of these things!!
2 – What do you think that you will miss from Hong Kong when you come home? 
1) The people, 2) the language 3) the gaaisih with tons of super cheap and exotic fruit. 4) Hong Kong 5) Not having to look "normal" because I already stick out.
3 – What American restaurants have you been to? How do they compare to what you have had here?
McDonalds, is about the same. . . boring. Pizza Hut is SOOOOOOOOOO good here!!!  They serve so much more than pizza and it's a lot fancier. I also went to Subway, it was the same and that's about it I think.
4 – Do you go door-to-door in your new area? If not, what do you do instead to find people? 
I think there is one area where we can "pach muhn" (knock doors) but we haven't done that yet. Typically we'll talk to people while we're on the train, or we'll find a park or street and walk around talking to people. I'm strarting to really like finding, I just get to go out and make new friends in the sunshine!!! and explore HK at the same time!!!!
5 – How is the weather? 
It's getting hot!! The past few days have been cooler and rainy.
6 – Do you have an air conditioner in your new apartment? 
Yes, Hallelujah!!!!
Something I've really realized on my mission is that we're all inadequate, but that's OK, because Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to be perfect. That's something I've been thinking about lately. I'm realizing more and more that Heavenly Father doesn't need us at all. If he wanted these people to recieve the gospel, He could do it, but the amazing thing is He asks us to help Him do it! I've heard it related to setting the table. When kids are little, the parents will have them do the silverware or plastic plates, then they will let them try the bigger more fragile dishes.  Whether the kid knows it or not, their parents are right there to catch the dishes if they fall. Heavenly Father knows we're inadequate, but He blesses us with these opportunities to learn and improve. I am so grateful for that.
Ahh!!! Time's up!!! I've got to go!!! I love you and hope you have a great week!!!

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