Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tolo Harbour!!!

Hello Everyone!
So move calls were this week! Our Zone leaders had us go to the 46th floor of a building in Wan Chi it was really pretty and we could over look the harbor and the city!! Then Elder D. had us each guess where we were going and who our new companions were, it was really neat!  I am moving to Tolo Harbor. I'm so excited! I've heard the wards are really great (we're serving three wards!) and it's more open and the air is fresher! Haha President Chan is from there too! and my companion is. . . Sister H.!!!!!!  I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited I can't even contain it!  She was in our younger group in the MTC!  She is an incredible missionary and so fun! We're going to have a blast!  I didn't expect it at all becuase we're both so young, but it's happening!
We haven't watched conference yet.  It's a week later hear because they need time to translate.  So this weekend we should watch it!  Good news!  Since I didn't move, I don't have to go to Wan Chi and watch it with a room full of white people!  I hope I can still watch it in English my sik teng (know hear) is not that great for large meetings.
Last Friday was really good.  We taught A. and she brought her friend.  Since I told A. I was leaving, she glued herself to me after the lesson and we had a really good conversation.  She and her friend left, but her friend, F. came back because she scraped her knee.  As we were trying to find a first aid kit, this adorable girl from Mainland, M., (we met her last week) came for games night.  She and F. hit it off and scheduled each other to come to church together (and did!!!!)  They stayed and talked to us for a while after, it was great!  The three of them are awesome!!!  For some reason they call me "Nelson," it reminded me of my days working at McKinley school when the kids and teachers called me "Nelson."  I love it!
A. came all the way to Kowloon Tong to say good-bye to me this morning!  It was great to see her!  I remember six week ago I thought she didn't like me!!  hahaha!!  She made an adorable card!
Oh we dyed Easter eggs with S., Y. and Y's friend yesterday.  Neither they nor Sister H., my companion, had done it before so it was fun to share some American culture!!!
Hmmm...I'm out of things to write I think.  I love you all!!!
Sister Nelson

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