Friday, March 30, 2012

Monkey Mountain

Our hike to Monkey Mountain

 Sister H. and I waiting outside of Kwun Tong Chapel for the Elders to come and unlock it for us. 

Hi Everyone!!

I'm getting transferred next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What? Sister H. got a call from President Chan Wednesday asking her to go to leadership training yesterday because she'll be training! We both kind of knew it would be coming, but I didn't want to admit it. This move has gone by soooooooooo fast!! I feel like we've just started to get the hang of things. I am so grateful I've been able to serve with her, she has taught me a lot of things about being a good missionary, enjoying your mission and being a good companion. I really really hope that I can implement some of these things in my next companionships and especially when I become a senior companion or trainer (ew that's scary!!!) Sorry we're e-mailing a day later because yesterday was leadership training so P-day is today!!!
What does the family have planned for Easter and Spring Break? When is Easter? Are you excited for Conference? When is Conference? hahaha I know it's next week here, but I think it might be this weekend in the US.

Guess what?!!! I heard that Elder Oaks is coming next month!!! Ahhhhh!! I hope it's true! That would be so exciting!
hmmmmm. . . this week has been a bit of a wash, I'm not sure what happened either, so I will start by answering your questions, then I will see what else I can remember!
1 – What have you noticed about the culture? 
They uses bamboo instead of scaffolding! It's pretty cool to see tall skyscrapers (oops! that was redundandt) with bamboo sticks all over.

2 – Do you think that you will get transferred next time? 
hmmmmm I know it! hou gang!!! (so scared!!) excited too!!!!
So our investigators!!!  Y. is still amazing!!!  She is still so happy when we talk to her and she is doing everything she can to change and improve so she can get baptized. I'm so sad I'm going to have to leave her!!!
A. is also doing well.  I'm excited to hear about how she does in the next few weeks.
Last week's ward activity (a healthy back seminar) was great! We had a few less-actives and some former investigators there! I didn't realize how long it's been since we had a ward activity, but I'm so grateful my Cantonese is improving and I felt a lot more comfortable chatting with the members and investigators. I felt like the language wasn't a barrier, I still felt overwhelmed, but it is getting better. During our Zone find last week, Sister K. and I started talking to Mr. L.  He didn't have time to talk about the restoration and the Book of Mormon right then, but when we asked when he was free he was like, "Tomorrow at 5?" What?!!!  The Elders ended up teaching him since we had a lesson and he was at the activity on Saturday. The Elders say he is SOOOO good! He's reading the Book of Mormon and "Can't stop thinking about it" I was excited to see him at the activity and to see him enjoy himself! We also found the cutest girl this week, she just moved from Mainland, and is learning Cantonese, she came to English class on Wednesday and is coming to games night tonight. This is the best thing ever I get to make new friends everyday! It's also so awesome to see them come to church and learn more about Jesus Christ and then let it change their lives. Their happiness just radiates and it's contagious. It just reminds me of how true this gospel is. When we learn to feel the spirit testify to us, and then we also can feel God's love for us and let Jesus Christ's atonement change and support us everyday this joy is amazing! There is no way this isn't true!!! I am so so humbled, blessed, honored and excited to be able to help people have this joy in their lives!
Today for P-day we had a zone Olympics!! It was great! Our Zone has some awesome t-shirts (a bit big, but they look cool) The sisters played a few games of basketball. It was great because we didn't keep score so it was just for fun and good excercise! I didn't get any pictures. . . sorry.
I love you all soooooooo much and hope you have a great Spring break!!!!!!!!!
Sister Nelson
P.S. I had the BEST sandwhich yesterday!!! It was on wheat bread, with chicken bacon, CHEESE!!! MUSTARD!!! tomato and lettuce. It was expensive, but we won't think about that. . . I felt sooooo American!!!! hahaha I also bought cheese this week, that was exciting!!! I still have some left and it's been through a casserole for Zone dinner, omlets for me and Sister H., and a baked potato!

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