Thursday, March 15, 2012

I ate pig's blood on Monday.

Sister L. and me when we were on exchanges last week.
The missionary on the left she just finished her mission to Canada and hung out with us last week before she got released.
The sun was out and the sky was blue last Tuesday!!! We were all soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for those few precious hours!!

1 – Do you have a washer and a dryer in your apartment?
Yes, sooooooo convienent!!! I don't know how we would do laundry without it! P-days are sooooooo busy!!!

2 – Do you have an air conditioner? 
Yes, but we can only use it for 12 hours each day.
3 – Why did Sister K. get transferred to Macau so abruptly? 
Macau has some strange regulations for how long foreiengers can stay. Each time missionaries go there they get a clearance for 10, 30 or 60 days. It's really inconsistent and sometimes just depends on how much that particular guard likes you. So sometimes missionaries have to get transferred at odd times.
4 – What experience did you have with the culture this week? Does that make sense? I know that your focus is missionary work, (as it should be), but what
do you notice about living in a foreign country? 
Hmmmmmmmmm. . . Everyone is Asian!!! I freak out a bit everytime we go to Wan Chi, because there are significantly more international people. Evertime I see a white person in PoLam I'm like "What are you doing here?" Then I have to remind myself I'm just as weird.  I ate pig's blood on Monday.  Our district leader convinced me to try it! It actually wasn't that bad, but it sounds gross!!! I don't know of anything else. . . I've really adjusted pretty fast. . . I'm sorry I'm not more interesting this week. . . I'll try to notice better!
Tuesday was Zone Conference, we were all told to prepare 4 sharings and President Chan invited different companionships during the meeting to give different sharings. Somehow Sister H. and I both felt like we were going to be the ones called to talk about the Doctrine of Christ and sure enough we did! It was really a special experience. The spirit was so strong. I really, really felt that the things I was saying were true. It is really amazing to be albe to testify of Christ everyday. I am truly coming to know my Savior more. He is the heart and soul of our message and I know that if we have faith in Him our lives can change!!!!! It's amazing!!
Friday we had a miracle lesson! We just walked an investigator to the bus stop and we were heading back when Sister H. started talking to a student and we ended up inviting her to have a tour of the chapel. (That never happens!!!!!) She was super excited and willing to talk to us. We sat together in the chapel and taught her about prayer and Sister H. shared her conversion story. She was super excited to pray and said that she had something this Sunday, but wanted to come next Sunday. We talked about baptism and she said if she prays and knows these things are true she also wants to get baptized!! Sister H. asked if we could get her number and it turns out we had actually talked to her briefly on a bus 2 weeks ago!!! We remember thinking she was super nice then too! I'm excited to teach her more!
Y. is getting baptized on April 1!! We moved her date back a bit, and I know she is going to make it. She has faith too which is most important!!! She told me the other day that after high school she really wants to go to BYU and when she is 21 she wants to serve a mission. I love her sooooooo much!! I'm soooooo excited!! She has helped me have a lot more faith in our finding time because some of the people we talk to on the street will end up getting baptized! These people really are our best friends!!
I think I'm going to stop here and send some pictures. We went hiking on Monkey Mountain today!! It was so fun! Tonight we're teaching Y. and have a Chan-out at my favorite place ever!!! A Thai sister in Kwun Tong, it's delicious!!!!!
I love you!!!!!
Sister Nelson

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