Thursday, March 8, 2012

Summer's Coming!

Happy Thursday! Wow!!!  

1 - How long has Sister H been out? 1 year! 
Where did she go to the MTC? Philipines Since she is from Hong Kong.
2 – Are there both Elder and Sister Missionaries in your ward? 
3 - How does money work each month? How do you get it? How much do you have to spend? 
We get 1800 HK each month on our debit cards. We get 250HK for travel and anything above that we can get reimbursed for (such a blessing.) We really are lucky we get quite a bit, other missions don't get as much. It makes me want to be sure I'm very careful with my money so if I have any extra it can go back to help the church.

Ok first news of the week: Sister K's going to Macau!!!!! In fact she's almost there already!!! Talk about stressful they called her Tuesday and she left today! Yikes!!! Sister B. is coming to Kwun Tong now, she's good friends with a girl who was in my freshman ward. I don't know what that means for running, but Sister H. consoled me saying she is willing to go out Mon, Wed and Friday. That's all I can ask, so I'm happy!

Second News: We had 24 hour exchanges this week and guess who was my companion?!!!! Sister L., one of my MTC companions!!! It was soooooooooo fun!! Can you believe after 3 months in hong Kong we were able to survive together without our "moms" to take care of us?!!! We did some finding and taught a lesson and it all went so well. I have pictures but left my card at home (sorry!) so next week I'll send them. It really was an answer to my prayers. Originally I was supposed to be with a different sister, but Sister H. (who was orginazing the sister's exchange) changed it. It was such a blessing to talk with her and share our expereinces so far from the mission since we had the same MTC experience.

It's starting to get warmish (but some days it's cold) and it's WET!!! It rains A-LOT!!!!! The other day it was pretty stuffy in our apartment, I was pretty uncomfortable and said (sort of half joking) is this what summer's like, only hotter? Sister K. gave me a look like, "Honey your don't even know what you're about to expereince." The older missionaries are starting to say, "Summer's coming!" and they kind of twitch with an evil glint in their eye like they're excited and absolutely dreading it at the same time!!!

Well I've got to go!! I love you sooooooo much!



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