Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Thank you for inviting the Spirit"

I saw this cake and decided that if I could I would send it to Dad for father's day!!!
This is what happens when we end up having to do all our studies at the chapel, and prepare for a music program, and eat dinner and lunch!!! Madness!!!
Sister H. and me in our new clothes!!!  We went shopping on P-day.  My dress was $15!!!
Yam Cha 2 Thursday's ago
(Barbara's note:
This is cow stomach!!!  It wasn't that bad actually.  I also tried octopus and squid. I kept going over to the Elders table to steal the interesting stuff, but they loved it!  I think that was because I was the only Sister missionary who would eat it!!!  Before Yam Cha, we use the hot water in the tea pots to clean our bowls and utensils and then we dump the water into a big bowl in the middle of the table.   We drink hot water becuase we can't drink tea!!!
Sister Missionaries!!!

The Elders!
Napkins hardly exist here, they just use tissue or even toliet paper!!
 The dead lizard we found in our apartment!!!
Pictures from my 6 months in HK birthday
 These are at the pier in TST.  Across the water is Wan Chi.  The Sydney Opera House looking building is the library and one of the really tall buildings close to the front was in the latest Bat Man movie.
Hi Everyone!!!

I'm glad for the promise of mail in the next little bit with family pictures!!! Yay!!!  I think that answers my question about the iPod.  They're 2000 HK here so not cheaper, and I haven't been super sure if I need one!!  (Barbara's note: Missionaries can use apps on their iPods to help them learn Chinese characters, so Kasey was trying to decide if she wanted us to send hers.  The Post Office doesn't allow iPods to be sent in the mail, so the problem is solved!)   I found some good books for writing characters and I'm working on a cheat sheet for writing thank you notes, so it should get easier as I go along!! Characters are coming so much faster now that I've stopped using the flash cards and I just use them to write notes and read scriptures!!! Translating the Primary songs for the music program helped too!!!

Well, the music program was on Saturday and it went sooooo well.  I love being a missionary because even when we don't have enough time to practice and prepare, things just work out.  Our pianist came up and gave me a big hug after and said, "Thank you for inviting the Spirit."  We didn't do much more than bear our testimonies and sing the melody of a few hymns, but it worked.  I know that the angels sing with us when we're asked to do things.  Somehow Heavenly Father makes it work out.  The other miracle was that our zone leader Elder F. "Died" (went home) last week so his companion has a Summer Missionary as his companion for the rest of the move.  This companion, Brother C., is 17 and he's from Hong Kong so he knows Cantonese and was able to help us read parts of the intro to the Book of Mormon!!! It's funny, he's not even a real missionary, but he's kind of our Zone leader (or companions with our Zone Leader) and the only native missionary in our entire zone.  I'm so excited I have someone I can ask my Chinese questions now!!!!

This week has been a little weird, we're in the middle of trying to find new investigators who will be willing to meet with us and do the important things like come to church and read the Book of Mormon.  We're also trying to improve our relationship with the Sha Tin ward, because we realized last week that between our baptisms in our other wards, we've only been in Sha Tin once and one Sacrament meeting since I got here!!! Oh no!!!  We are trying to schedule times to meet with the members to share a quick spiritual message.  We've got our work cut out for us, and busy or not, we're going to find ways for this ward to not only realize they have sister missionaries, but to like us too!!!!

Sorry it's shorter this week, I love you all so much!!!!!


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