Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Conversion Fireside

Hello Everyone!!!!

Happy 4th of July next week! What are your plans?

Well, I'll start with stories of today and then move on to last week. Sister K. and I (we're still together!!!) decided to get our hair cut today. So we went to a place in the mall below our apartment. They had three price options according to who would cut our hair, so I chose the most expensive since it was still less than $20 US. I was a little worried when a guy with spikey bleached hair and a huge gauge in one ear came to get me and led me into the back to get my hair washed. Hahaha It turned out ok. We don't think the workers quite knew what to do with us, because their English was obviously not very good, so it was a bit awkward but we're both happy with our hair cuts!

Sunday was the My Conversion fireside that happens at the end of each move. We obviously wanted to go, but we didn't think V., one of our investigators, would be able to come with us and everyone was busy. And we didn't want to take the time to travel down to Kowloon Tong if we wouldn't be able to have someone come with us. We prayed about it and felt like we should go, and it would be silly not to. So we did! I'm soooooo happy!!! Not only did this guy from Wales share his conversion story (in English) and some people sang 2 awesome hymn arrangements in a more African American Spiritual Style, but in Cantonese! But A,, she is a sister from my last area, TKO (she just started coming back to church when I got to Hong Kong), was there! After the meeting she ran up to me and gave me a hug and said she was looking for me and felt bad she missed seeing me at the last one. She just held my hand for a long time and told me how excited she was to see me. She said she goes to church when she goes to the main land and is still preparing to go to the Temple! I was soooooo happy! Not only that, but V. was there too! She also seemed really happy, it's awesome to see how well she is getting along with the youth. It will make her transition a lot easier when she can get baptized!

On top of that, I talked with Sister D. on Saturday night. Right now we're serving in each other's baby areas, and she had to update me on a recent convert. Anyway she told me about one of the girls, M., we met right before we left. Apparently, one of the ward members helped her find a better job so she doesn't have to work on Sundays. The other day she called the missionaries to ask if she could get baptized in August!!! It is such a blessing to know that my efforts aren't wasted and although I'm not perfect, Heavenly Father is still able to use me to help these people. There's the story in the Book of Mormon about when Alma sees his "brethren" and rejoices because they were "still [his] bretheren in the Lord." or something like that. I know that it is so true. There is soooooooo much joy in being reunited with people and knowing that we're both still on the same path, trying to keep the commandments and come closer to Christ.

My companions Sister H. and Sister K. are obviously very different. We are doing missionary work a bit differently, but we've already seen soooooooo many miracles!!!! Just little things like meeting people and things falling through, but we end up running into investigators. There is no one way to do missionary work, it all comes down to relying on the Lord.

We met with NMM last night. She is getting baptized on the 22nd!! I feel like she is expressing her faith more and more to us each time we meet. I love her soooo much!! She is hilarious and loves to talk, but she has gone from being Buddhist for 60+ years to believing in God, praying every day, and getting baptized. She is soooo cool!


1 - What have you noticed about the culture lately?
In our pool in our complex (that we don't swim in) the average Women's swimsuit is one piece, the average Men's swimsuit is a Speedo. The average swimmer is over 60. . . sounds like America!

2 – When do you get to meet the new Mission President?
Next Wednesday at 9 we have to prepare a 2 minute introduction about ourself.

I love you!!!!

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