Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Halloween Celebration!

Our Halloween Celebration!

A thank you note I wrote in Chinese

Hi Everyone!

I'm glad that you all had a good week and a good Halloween and that you had so much good stuff to do this weekend!

Thank you for the package! I was sooooooooooo happy to get it! I got it Saturday night which was perfect timing! Sister Lier and Sister Law and Sister Lin enjoyed watching me open it and I've been enjoying the new music! You didn't delete the pictures so it was fun to show them my high school pictures. However, some of them won't delete, and we were joking about whether or not we need to delete the ones of models that I used for haircut ideas, or the pictures of me and my roommates in our swimming suits when we went swimming in Katie's Aunt Barbara's creek! and if so, how I can ask the office elders to do that. . . hahahaha really not a big deal, but we had a good laugh over it.

I bought muffin mix and Halloween muffin tins to celebrate Halloween. I also bought a pumpkin and baked it in our toaster oven with apples and cinnamon!!! We ate dinner as an apartment. It was so good to have a fun Halloween dinner! They're starting a new pilot program in our area with online webcam teaching! Crazy? Right? There are 3 companionships involved right now. This program involves iPhones!!!!!!! Crazy!! Our Zone Leaders are part of the program and were pretty excited Friday to ask if they could "take our picture for their caller ID" haha. I think it will be great! Especially because we can have all of our information about investigators and members in the palm or our hand!!!

Yesterday, I went to church in Tai Po with the other Sisters. It was kind of nice, but also weird to go to church and just follow someone around. I didn't have to worry about investigators or remembering people's names! It was great! I also sat next to a lady in Sacrament meeting who I think was deaf or hard of hearing. I could tell because of the way she talked and that she kept looking at my lips while I spoke. I don't know how on earth a deaf person can learn to speak Chinese with all of the tones, but she did great!!!

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I think I'm going to stop there so that I can send you some Halloween pictures! We have a fun afternoon planned! We're going to a place called 10,000 buddahs in Sha Tin. I've wanted to go ever since I got here!

I love and miss you all!!!



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