Monday, October 29, 2012

"Hong Kong Style Fishing"

Hi Mom, Dad, Kelli, Nathanael and Savanna,

Yikes! Time is flying sooooooo fast! Can you believe it's already November. Hahaha I don't worry about running out of money for food by the end of the month anymore because the end of the month always seems to be "next week" It's good to hear so many good things are going on at home! I'm glad Savanna's recital went well! and that the football team is doing well! hahaha And Dylan's home! That's so weird!

This week was a good week. I just realized how good it was last night. President Hawks talks a lot about "assists," like in basketball the person who hands the ball to the one who makes the shot is just as important as the one who shoots it. Their job to find the one who can shoot the ball is as hard if not harder than shooting it. He said that the same things applies to missionary work, sometimes we have "assists" meaning we find someone, but another set of missionaries end up teaching and baptizing them. Those are just as important because our pupose is to bring others to Christ, not to have a list of people we baptized. Anyway, so yesterday I was thinking a lot at church about how we could do more to strenghten the area, because we were busy all week, but somehow still, no one was at church. Thinking about what more to do is always hard because there's always the question, "is it me that's keeping the area from progressing? Do I not have enough faith?" and obviously we need to be humble enough to let the Lord turn our weaknesses into strengths, but Satan will do everything he can to make us get discouraged and feel like bologna, which isn't good either. Well, I was thinking last night as I was writing in my journal and realized we've had at least 6 good assists in the past few weeks!!! Miracles that either lived in other areas or for other reasons we felt it would be better for the Elders to teach them. Whenever we're finding or studying or planning, I've never felt like what we were doing was in vain, but I wasn't exactly sure what Heavenly Father had in mind, now I know!!

Saturday night we had a Book of Mormon Fireside with the stake. It was kind of like a roadshow. Each ward was given an assignment, dancing, singing, a movie, acting and one ward did a backdrop for picture taking. The missionaries in our zone also did a skit. It was so fun! We pretended we had a zone find focusing on sharing the Book of Mormon, and then as we were finding we had a lot of people reject us. For example people answering their phone while we were talking, Sister Lier and Law tried to help an old man carry some bigs bags, but he wouldn't let them. Sister Lin and I found someone doing Tai Chi and while we were trying to do it with them, we gave them a Book of Mormon, but she tried to give it back. Then 2 elders finally found someone willing to listen and started singing Book of Mormon Stories, when we finally finished singing we found out he only speaks Mandarin!! Of course all of us Cantonese speaking missionaries were devastated!! The Mandarins however were excited and took the person and started re-singing Book of Mormon stories, but in Mandarin this time!! hahaha the funny thing is, most people from Hong Kong know both Mandarin and Cantonese so it's really only missionaires who have this language problem!

A cute sister in Ma On Shan, paints shoes as a hobby, when I was with Sister Kelly, we complimented her on her shoes and then she asked our shoe sizes. Yesterday I got an adorable pair of shoes with blue flowers painted on them!!! And a note saying, "may God bless you in your missionary work" I'll send pictures! I love them! and it's so nice to wear fun shoe, not running or dress shoes!

Last Tuesday we had an Elders Quorum activity in our Sha Tin ward. (I know, Elders Quorum is for the men, but one of the member's girlfriend and the other's daughter would be there, so they invited the sisters) It was a lot of fun! We went to Hong Kong University of Technology in Sai Kung (you should try to find it on Google it's a cool campus!) and went fishing and had a BBQ! It was "Hong Kong Style Fishing" or maybe just "cheap style fishing," but it was fun. Instead of poles, we used plastic handles like the ones used for flying kites, but instead of kite string it was fishing line with a hook at the end. Then we'd throw it into the water and wait. . . unfortunately the Elders weren't very good and kept losing the bait, so the fish weren't that hungry. haha
Questions -
1 - Once Thursday rolled around, did it feel odd not to have Pday? 
It was a bit weird because we don't have regular activities during the day on Thursday, but other than that it was great! I really like the new arrangement.
2 - Have you received your absentee ballot?
I haven't yet, but I'll let you know!!!

I think that's it for now! I love you all sooooo much and hope you have a great week!



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