Thursday, October 4, 2012

"It's not healthy to eat too much!"

Hello Mom, Dad, Kelli, Nathanael and Savanna!!!!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!!! It was great here and we have more food than we can ever imagine!!! 
This week has been busy!!! We went to a wedding Saturday morning for one of our ward members. It was fun to see. They have to get married civilly in the chapel before they go to the temple here, so we attended the ceremony in the Kowloon Tong Chapel and the reception afterwards. They had a lot of family and friends there so we were able to talk to some new people. After that we went to a cooking activity and we made donuts and lemon bars. The Elders are really good about having cooking activities regularly and are nice enough to invite us! Then we went to English Class and that night we celebrated Mid Autumn festival with one of our Tai Wai members and her family. It was really fun and they didn't feed us too much!! One sister even said, "tell me when you're full.  It's not healthy to eat too much!"  Hahaha Sunday we got to visit the Primary President and Bishopric Counselor and their family in our Sha Tin ward. It was really fun!! We already had a dinner appointment, but she wanted to feed us so they fed us dessert soup, AND cinnamon rolls AND ice cream mooncakes! They are a super sweet family and it was so great to visit with them! That night we had dinner with the Mission Leader in our Tai Wai ward. Their house is really cool!! Their bed pulls down from the wall in their living room so it's a living room with a couch and TV in the day and a bedroom at night. Also, they have an office, but can pull out beds from two places and move the desk around to make another bed. The desk also rolls out of the room and expands to become an extra dining table! The Hong Kong people really know how to be economical with their space!!! They have to be, these apartments are TINY!!!!!
Questions -
1 - There was a ferry and tugboat collision in Hong Kong that made it in the news here in the States. Over 30 people were killed. CNN reported that the people on the ferry were employees of Hong Kong Electric that rented the ferry so that the employees could watch evening fireworks. The ferry was heading from Hong Kong Island to Lamma. It sounds like it was pretty bad. Did you hear anything about it? I hope that you didn't know anyone that was involved. 
I just did! We were walking into the library and saw a group of people in black listening to sad music facing a flag at half mast. We were like. . . that's weird. Then we walked in to the library to see all the workers frozen like a Improv Everywhere dealio. Then we saw a sign that said they were observing a moment of silence for the people who died in the crash. So we observed it too. Thanks for the extra details. I hope I don't know anyone who was involved either. 
2 - Does P-day feel like a day off? 
Never. . . haha studies, e-mails, groceries and then it's over!! hahaha
Well, I've got to go!! I love you all sooooo much and I'm excited to see you all sort of soon! (I get to call you even sooner!!!)

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