Thursday, October 18, 2012

It smelled like a good old American Linger Longer!!! yummy!!!

Hello Mom, Dad, Kelli, Nathanael and Savanna!!!

Happy middle of October! (Already!! Can you believe it?!!!!)  Time is flying so fast!

General Conference was so nice.  I love that we HAVE to attend all the sessions we don't have any other option so we had lots of time to learn and receive personal revelation.  I don't think I've gotten that much out of conference before!  It is amazing I had several questions that I was praying about before conference and ALL of them were answered several times throughout conference.  I thought it was really cool how many talks on Sunday (afternoon I think) talked about following the Savior.  Of course that's who I've always tried to follow in my life, but it reminded me of the importance of serving with all my heart might mind and strength not only as a missionary, but for the rest of my life.  However, my favorite talk was by Elder Nelson.  Of course because it's about missionary work!! Actually, can you post it on my blog for me?  I have never heard missionary work described better.  I feel like this is the best way to describe what I am doing right now (second only to experiencing it).

1 - Will the change for P-days affect your departure date?  New date? 
No and No
2 - How did it go with the 2 girls from China? 
It was sooooooo awesome!! They got here Friday morning and left Sunday evening and we taught them 3 times!!!!  They readily accepted everything, and it's like it's kind of their plan already to get baptized because they've seen how it's blessed their aunt's and their families already!  The only problem is because when they were not meeting with us they were doing vacation stuff with their family, they "didn't have time" to pray and read the Book of Mormon!!!!! That's DISATEROUS!!! These are the two most important parts of conversion!!!!  Well, I'm praying they used their time on the bus home wisely :)  We set them up with pamphlets about the last two lessons and instructions for how to find the church in mainland and how to go about finishing the lessons and getting baptized when they can get a visa to come down to HK again.  It was interesting because their Aunt who helped us fellowship is from HK, but lives in DC with her husband now.  Her Husband is from CA and served his mission speaking Cantonese in Toronto!  Crazy?  So we had this tall white American guy help us teach!! It was kind of weird!!!

Yesterday we had a special sister's meeting!  It was really neat to have all the sisters together for a few hours.  President Hawks is looking at rearranging some of the areas so we only serve in 1 ward and wanted our feedback. We also got to have a Q&A session with him and Sister Hawks which was great!  We got to hear how they met and all the fun girl questions that we never have time to ask!!!  They are both such great examples not only as missionaries but as people who devote their lives to serving God.  I really hope that I can learn to develop that faith and dedication in my life.  Lunch yesterday was great!  We had. . . . . . . drum roll please. . . . . .  . a SALAD BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  complete with CHEESE!!!!  salad dressing, TACO MEAT!!!  and all the other toppings you could imagine and rolls with cheese cake for dessert!! It smelled like a good old American Linger Longer!!!  yummy!!!  

We had soooooooo many miracles last week!! 2 weeks ago we had 2 older ladies show up at English class and then come to church on Sunday.  We couldn't figure out  how they found out about English class, but 3 years ago one of them met the sisters.  Then, last Friday we were meeting with one of our members's mother who the ward wants us to start visiting and she was talking about a woman who would take her daughter to church.  I thought she was talking about a member and could not figure out which woman she was talking about.  Then we realized it was one of the 2 ladies who came to English class!!! How cool?!!!  They came again on Saturday, and afterward one of them was talking about a picture of Christ in the for Strength of Youth pamphlet we used for our spiritual thought in the class.  Then I said something like, "do you think we could teach you a little more about Jesus Christ and teach you how to pray?"  She agreed!  There were just 2 other young women at English class so we all sat down and had a lesson about prayer.  Their names are A-l and A-y.  They are both from Tailand, but can speak Cantonese.  A-l was so excited to learn to pray and write it down in Tai so she could read it later.  A-y was having trouble understanding, but one of the Young Women that was with us spoke another countryside dialect of Chinese that A-y also knew!!! Perfect!!! We are supposed to meet with them again tomorrow!!  I feel like things are starting to move forward with the work!  I'm sooooo excited that we can have more people to teach and help learn about Jesus Christ!!!  

Thank you sooooo much!  I love and miss you all and hope you have a great week!!! 


PS, just a reminder, I have P-day on Monday the 22 now!!! 

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