Monday, October 22, 2012

"When I'm free I pray"

Hi Everyone!!!
Sister Hinzte called last night and we realized that I'm now what we call "The Tolo Harbor Queen!" There is also what we call "The Tolo Harbor Curse," which means there tends to be a few missionaries who are called to serve in Tolo harbor and then stick around for a long time or are called back later. Hahaha so I've been in the Zone longer than any of the sisters (or Elders even I think!) haha so I'm wearing the crown!

Saturday night we had a Halloween party with our Tai Wai ward! I think I included a few pictures! It was a lot of fun! We played a lot of games and we had some investigators there!

Friday we went to visit A-l and A-y. It was so fun! They are the cutest! We talked again about prayer because they were still treating the prayers a bit like the prayers used to worship Chinese gods (that's how Sister Lin described it, they were concerned about saying everything they had written down while we were teaching them) So we explained again that they could pray about anything and that they were praying to Heavenly Father. A-l said she has been praying all week "Dong ngoh dak hahn jouh keih touh" "When I'm free I pray." I asked her if it was everyday and she said, "haih-ah! hou do chi!" "Yes! Lots of times!" We asked if she had ever prayed before and she said no because no one had taught her! Wow! I'm excited to keep meeting with them! We hope to watch Finding Faith in Christ with them on Wednesday!

We went with our coorelation brother to visit a twelve year old girl whose mom is a member. She is so sweet and smart! It was really fun to teach her!

Sunday the Tai Wai elders had a baptism. It's this cute 8 year old boy, who smiled and said hello to to Elder Farnsworth on the street last move. He and his mom came to English class that week and came to church at every opportunity after that! Amazing right? The boy and his sister were baptized on Sunday! It was so awesome!

So I've heard of seedless watermelon, seedless grapes, pitted prunes, boneless chicken and boneless fish, but did you know that there are also boneless chicken feet?!!!! Sister Lin made one for me today, it was sure interesting!  I think I like them better with the bones! (It makes the cartilage not as prominent and crunchy!) Usually I'll try to eat one if they have them at chang outs because unless it's a really good and tender foot, it takes me a while to eat it (thus, I don't have to eat as much!) If it's tender, then it tastes good and it's still enjoyable!
1 - Have you received the Absentee ballot application?
Yes and I sent it back on Thursday.
2 - Have you been able to run lately?
We get out about 3 days a week, which has been just enough. I've gotten pretty good at indoor cardio as well and I've been holding up which is a blessing!

hmmmm.. . I think that's it for this week!! I love you all!


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