Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm still in MACAU!!!!

We ate a weird preserved egg that apparently is pretty popular snack in mainland. It was black on the outside and pretty dense, not my favorite Chinese treat.
Water fountain near where we live in Macau.
Nativity near the waterfountain. . .
We didn't have time to go and see Broken Church, but this was a cool Mosaic that had a picture of it!
The inside of the MGM, I felt like I was in Whoville!!!
All of us with Turon
 The view from our apartment
 The bridge we take to Taipa
The famous Macau Tower
Hi Mom, Dad, Kelli, Nathanael and Savanna!!!

Yeah so where on earth did the time go?!!!! Remember in May when I called and you said, "Well, talk to you at Christmas!" and now it is Christmas!!!!!!!!

I got your package yesterday!!! President and Sister Hawks came down yesterday and brought the mail too! Can you believe they lugged a package all the way down here, when I'm going there next week anyway?  They are so sweet!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much! I'm excited to open it! Actually, I kind of opened part of it already, I saw that you wrote "towels" on the front so I figured it was towels like last year so I opened it so I can give them away as gifts before Christmas. I already have several people in mind so thank you soooooo much!!

One of those people is Sister L. from Ma On Shan. She is the one who made the shoes for me. She and her husband, President Hawks' counselor, came yesterday too.  She and Sister Hawks came to our apartment to drop off the packages. She gave me a big hug and told me, "When I found I was coming to Macau I was so excited because I hoped I could see you!" She is awesome. I feel like each of my areas has had some of those sisters who I've been able to click with and I especially love and consider my friends. I don't really realize it until I've left and then I get to see them again. They are such great Sisters and examples. I was soooo happy I got to see her! Funny thing though, her son is our zone leader right now and he serves in the branch they visited!!!

So, if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm still in MACAU!!!! With Sister Law!!! (Sister Lier's baby!) We're having a lot of fun and I'm so excited to serve with her! She is such a great missionary! Sister Cook is with Sister Heaton who was trained by Sister Kiene and came in the same time as Sister Lin! Such a good apartment! Unfortunately, it's not for long, my 20-day visa is up on Christmas, so I'll most likely only get another 10 days after that. Yesterday President Hawks said something to me like, "well it looks like we're going to have to take you out of here pretty soon huh?" nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! It's freaking me out a bit because it's occurred to me that wherever I get moved to is mostly likely where I will finish my mission!!! Every move is important and impactful, but that makes it even more daunting!!

I had the neatest opportunity this week! While we were waiting for our new Companions, I got to be Sister Cook's companion for a few hours. (That alone was awesome!) But I got to go with her to visit the neatest lady.  She lives alone and she is blind and going deaf. She wears a machine around her neck that amplifies sounds into her earphones, so when we talk to her, we often have to direct our voices to the microphone. When we came, she was so excited and even remembered my name because Sister Cook told her over the phone. I really enjoyed talking to her. Not many people visit her, so she really loves our visits. Sister Cook said that after one lesson, she said, "I didn't understand anything you just said, but I've been praying and it makes me feel better so I'll keep doing it!" We asked who cared for her and she said she cared for herself. We asked if she couldn't do it, who would?  She said us. From what she said it sounds like she has someone bring her food and take her to the doctor, but we had only seen her twice and she said that! She has other health problems in addition to her ears and eyes so it's hard for her to walk, and sleep. However, we asked her to say a prayer for us and all she did was thank Heavenly Father that we could come visit and that she could pray and a few other things. That was a lesson to me that I need to thank Heavenly Father more in my prayers. She had sooooo much to ask for and we had just taught her that she could ask for help through prayer and all she did was Thank Heavenly Father.

Yesterday was our ward Christmas party. We spread sheets down in the basement and sat on them like people in the time of Christ, wore scarves on our heads and ate food with our hands. Everyone wrote down one thing they wanted to change and give as a "gift to the Savior" this year and put it in a box that they will open next year. The Elders Quorum was in charge and they did a great job! (Well, except for when they handed us 2 bath towels and a cardboard box and told us to make a nice (not cardboard box looking) manger hahahaha). They asked us to do it because they "weren't any good at these table arranging types of things."  We found few pretty pieces of cloth and a table cloth and that worked out ok. hahaha!!

Monday, a couple in the ward invited us to dinner. He works at the MGM casino managing decor for all the events that happen in the main atrium of the building. A few weeks ago it was glass bubble that had butterflies in it, so you could walk into a room of butterflies. I sent a picture of the Christmas decorations, it was ridiculous!! Complete with a mini performance of the Nutcracker every hour. Apparently their next project is to build an aquarium in there! They took us to this amazing Buffet! It was really fun to be there and I enjoyed getting to know them better, they're a cute family.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!



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