Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Macau Handover Day

Macau Handover Day Parade
 Hat from the Parade
 Roast Pig at the Mission Christmas Party

Mom, Dad, Kelli, Nathanael and Savanna!

It was soooo fun to talk to you this morning! It's amazing how fast 40 minutes flies isn't it?!!! But I was so grateful to hear your voices! Not to worry, when I get back we all probably won't shut up for several weeks to make up for 1.5 years with only 2ish hours of phone time!

Christmas here was really great, we had a lot of miracles too! Monday we got up bright and early to go to Hong Kong for the mission Christmas party! I included some pictures. It was so fun to see everyone! Unlike last year where I had no idea what on earth was happening! They had 2 roasted pigs for lunch and a man came and cut them up in front of us!!  Sister Hawks made Christmas cookies, and I got to sing in the mission choir which was really special! On the ferry back to Macau, I talked the whole way with a man from Sha Tin. We ended up talking about the plan of Salvation a lot. He says he believes the world has a God, but doesn't know where he is. I explained how we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and who we can pray to. I got his number and gave it to the Sha Tin Elders, hopefully they can teach him again! Other good news, my part of the conversation was in Cantonese! I've still got it! Unfortunately, it is becoming hard for me to understand it, since I don't hear it all day long anymore. I need to speak Chinese more with Sister Law. . .

When we got back we went straight to a Christmas Eve party at our Relief Society President's house. On the bus home we happened to see one of our investigators who doesn't have a holiday all December so we can't see her, but we had a 20 minute bus ride with her!! It was awesome!!!

We also had people feed us lunch on Sunday and dinner on Saturday, so that makes 5 Filipina meals since Saturday!!  We both felt like we would EXPLODE!! hahaha The thing about their food is they don't each veggies or fruit!!! It's all deep fried meat and carbs or things drowning in sweetened condensed milk and nestle cream!! yummy!!! We probably could have had dinner at someone else's house last night, but we had to leave for a lesson.

The other sisters from my apartment went to visit the blind lady I told you about last week.  We couldn't go because we were supposed to have a lesson, but the other sisters said that she remembered everything we taught her about the Plan of Salvation last time, and thanked Heavenly Father for it in her prayer. I thought that was so neat because she couldn't even say Plan of Salvation by the time we left the last lesson and really didn't seem to understand much of what we said. Yet, she understands and believes it now! Heavenly Father really works in amazing ways!

Last Thursday was Macau Handover day to celebrate Macau becoming a part of China again. I wasn't really sure of the details of the celebration.  I just knew there would be a parade and that the park near the church has had construction for a huge stage and lights system for weeks!  I scheduled an investigator to meet us at 330. The parade just happened to start nearby at 4 so we were lucky enough to see the preparations. Everyone had crazy hats (I'll send a picture of one that I got that was left over after the festivities) and the costumes and dancers looked so cool, Imagine mixing Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, and the pop culture (more specifically Korean Pop culture) all together. It was pretty cool!  You should look it up on-line!! We didn't stay because we had other things we needed to do, but I was glad to catch a glimpse.

1 - How often do you get dinner appointments? Do they have a missionary dinner calendar like here in the states? 
Not super often, some wards have a calendar, but this one doesn't especially since it is mostly single Filipina sisters. It really depends on the ward.

2 - When does the Chinese New Year start? 
Around February 10

3 - Do you expect Macau to be as crazy for the New Year as Hong Kong?
Yes, there's most likely going to be some sort of festivity.

I better go, I wrote my report in the middle of e-mail today so I'm not sure how long I've been on here!! I love you!!!


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