Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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The whole district
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50 days until they go to Hong Kong!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

I'm almost halfway done here!!!! Yikes!!! Our older district left yesterday, it is so weird!!! Elder B and Sister M left here at 4:30, but they won't get to Hong Kong until 10 tomorrow morning (2 am our time!) The next district comes in next week, and they'll be asking us all the crazy Cantonese questions! Now I know why the older district couldn't answer me!! I hear time flies once you're the older district, I can't wait!!!

Last week, Richard I. Heaton, who is in charge of MTC Training gave a devotional. He said that during his training with the general authorities, he was taught that we could better help the church come into new members and not just them come into the church “if we do a better job teaching the law of tithing.” The speaker at his training asked Brother Heaton to make it happen. It was an incredible devotional! I never realized how important tithing is. It tests our faith and thus builds it, it opens the door for blessings and allows us to be worthy to enter the temple. It really changed how I viewed teaching not only tithing, but all the commandments. First of all, I need to be bold and let them them know they are commandments, even praying and reading the Book of Mormon. Then I need to tell them why so they will want to keep the commandments! Ah!

The most important thing that happened this week is Tina agreed to be baptized!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!! Even though she is just my teacher pretending to be an investigator, it's still a big deal because they won't agree unless they really feel the spirit and feel like it is truly something they would want to do. Heavenly Father is amazing! I can't believe we are actually teaching this much in Cantonese!! There is seriously no way I could do this without His help, this is a miracle! We taught her about the Word of Wisdom yesterday, and because of my companion, Sister N's new calling as coordinating sister we weren't able to start preparing until 10 Sunday night! However we were able to find the new words we needed and teach her about it and she seemed to understand! It is really amazing!

One more highlight, during weekly planning on Saturday, we overheard our Elders discussing how they wanted to make sure they were holding doors for us more (they were already doing a stellar job) Now, they are racing to the doors to have them opened for us, and they hurry to put their trays away after meals so they can take ours. Wow!! I am impressed we have awesome Elders!!!

Well, I'm out of time. I hope you have a great week!!! I love you so much!!

ngoh ngoi Leih deih! (I love You guys!!)

Sister Nelson

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