Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Candy Bars!!!


General Conference was great! Being a missionary doesn’t change the fact that you get sore after sitting so long, but I'm glad I took notes because I re-read them today and was reminded of how much I got out of conference! My two favorite talks were by Carl B. Cook on Saturday afternoon about "looking up." Wow! Even general authorities get overwhelmed by their callings, but they know how to snap out of it and love their work, I can do the same! So far so good! The downs don't last long at all, it's hard to pity yourself too much here, it wastes too much time! I also LOVED Sister Dalton's talk Sunday morning! Wow!!! It was really inspiring! Young Women’s always stressed the importance of Virtue for women and it never hit me how important it is for Priesthood Holders as well. I guess I knew it, but I didn't have a word for it. I know that those young men who honor their priesthood and live righteously can do great things! The Elders here are such a testimony of that!

My schedule is different every day, usually we have 3 hours of class in the morning, and 3 at night, one hour for personal study, one hour for language study, an hour for Technology Assisted Language Learning (Tall) in the computer labs, and hour for PE and 1/2 hour for lunch and dinner at 11:30 and 4:30. Class time is usually 1 hour of language, 1 hour of teaching fundamentals, 1 hour of coaching missionary study (we meet with our teacher and they help us improve our studying and goal setting), 45-60 minutes of reading the Book of Mormon together, and an hour of progressive investigator (where we teach our investigators/teachers or if it's not our time to teach, we have companionship study). Progressive investigator happens in both the morning and afternoon. If that doesn't add up, it's a variation of those classroom options each day. On Wednesdays we have "service" for 90 minutes where we help clean a residence hall.

I'm sooooooo excited about the new Provo Temple!! That's about 5 blocks from where I lived last year and no hill!!! It would be so great if it was finished before I graduated, but I doubt it. Oh well, blessings for future BYU Cougars!

So crazy! My roommates are gone! They left for Portland, Oregon Yesterday!!! That means 3 things, 1) Last night was freakishly quiet in our room, 2) I'm moving to a bottom bunk!!!! 3) We get new roommates tomorrow!! We could easily see 3-4 different sets of girls in our time here. Crazy right?!

Story of the week!!! Our teacher, Bro C, is super fun! His parents grew up in Hong Kong, so he grew up speaking Cantonese. He has a crazy history and was kind of a hippie, but joined the church and served a mission. We've become quite attached to him, and anytime we seem him pass our class we yell out to him (somewhat offended) if he doesn't come in and teach us. He is really reserved and doesn't show a lot of emotion, so he just acts pretty awkward when we do that. Anyway, we play this game at the beginning of class, he asks for our favorite dessert, book ice cream etc. and whoever's is closest to him gets to say the prayer. Last week he asked our favorite candy bars. He remembered all of them and Friday we came into the classroom to find candy bars on each of our chairs with a TON of amazing missionary quotes. It totally made our day!!! It was so sweet of him to do that for us! He does actually care for us and doesn't think we're a bunch of annoying missionaries!

Ahhh!! Well I've gone over 1 minute!! That means I have only 29 next week!!! Yikes!!

Love You!!!!!!!!

Sister Kasey Nelson

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