Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Nametag translation: Sister Nelson Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Kasey and her companions
Kasey holding one of her study manuals. The missionary on the right is Elder W. who is
currently serving in our ward here in Ottawa.
A closer view

Kasey with her district on a Sunday walk to the temple
Kasey and her companions with their stretchy bands issued with their "Missionary Health Guide" for fitness on MTC P-day and in the mission field

Lehou ngoh ge ga ting (Hello my family!)

So our practice investigator (Barbara's note: this is a person who speaks Cantonese that helps them practice teaching people in the language) from last week is now our teacher!!! Wow! It was kind of weird to have her teach us all of the sudden, but awesome because our district already loved her so much! You really grow to love someone when you are teaching them about things that are so dear to you, especially when they patiently try to understand your broken Cantonese. I love her! She is tough, but I know she will be good.

Brother D is now our new practice investigator. We taught him for the first time yesterday. Tomorrow, we're finally going to teach the actual first lesson from Preach My Gospel manual. We've just been doing our best to meet the investigators needs with the Cantonese that we knew, but we're taking it to the next level and making our Cantonese meet what we feel we need to say!

There are a bunch of adorable sisters here from Hong Kong. It is so fun to see them on campus. We were talking to one of them in the cafeteria the other day and as we were leaving she said, "Ga yau!!! ("more oil" it is used like press forward, keep going!!!) Hong Kong needs you!! Hong Kong needs you!!!" Wow!! That was the most amazing thing to hear. While I'm here, it's sometimes easy to forget that I will ever leave the MTC, but I will!! I will be teaching REAL people! and speaking their language!!! and possibly helping people that this sister knows! Only 62 days!!! (but who's counting?!!)

I discovered Gala Apples in the vending machines yesterday!!!!!!! yay! We get $8 on our cards per week, so I could buy 16 apples each week if I really got desperate! And lesson of the week: DON"T EAT THE EGG ROLLS!!! My companions and a few elders in our district had egg rolls and Asian noodles for dinner on Saturday. We were sitting in class afterward and none of us felt quite right. . . we were discussing this when our teacher, Brother W said “you ate the eggrolls?” . . . uh oh! That scared us! It turns out he just remembered them not being as good as some of the other options. Our experience, nor his were as traumatic as I feared, but, I think we will all be avoiding the egg rolls in the future!!!

Thank you thank you sooooo much for making it possible for me to be here! This is an amazing opportunity!! I am learning so much about myself and the gospel and Cantonese and it's only been 2 weeks! It's incredible. My companions have pointed out strengths they see in me that I have never had before, in fact, some of them are opposite of what I consider myself to normally be. I know that the Lord will qualify whom He calls. He is definitely qualifying me and I look forward to be able to serve him. This gospel is awesome and I am so blessed to have it in my life!!!

I love you soooooooo much!!! have a great week!!

Ga Yauh!


Sister Nelson

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