Tuesday, November 15, 2011

13 Days until Hong Kong!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Wow!! SO 13 days left! The energy from our first few weeks is back! I have a goal to learn 50 new words a day and I'm doing it! Sister D. suggested upping our goals, and I was skeptical that it might overwhelm me, but it hasn't!!! I'm just learning how to better use every single minute to reach my goals and the results are amazing!!! One of my words Saturday was "strengthen." I hadn't looked over it a whole lot, but I was able to remember it in a lesson. My SYLing is improving too. I think I am finally figuring out how to set good goals that will stretch me, but not overwhelm me. It's actually quite addicting!!! The Lord is helping me sooooo much. The blessings of being set-apart as a missionary are incredible. I know if I were to come home today, I would be soooo different. I have learned and grown soooo fast these last few months and it is amazing that I am able to do it!!! I am sooooo excited for what I can do in Hong Kong!!!!

Along with that, I've just been amazed lately at how much Heavenly Father is "Micromanaging" my life. It's a good thing! The other day one of our teachers pointed out that Heavenly Father is closer to our lives than we will ever realize, and we just need to let Him help us. I have been amazed at all the little things He has done to prepare me to be here, and the things He is doing for me now. I realize His hand in my life more and more every day!!!!

Richard I Heaton, the MTC director spoke again on Sunday, and he spoke about tithing again. It's that important!!!! He also said that January of 2011 they had 52,000 missionaries in the field, so they predicted the same number or less for this year. Actually, in Jan 2012 there will be 56,000 missionaries in the field!!!!!!!! Isn't that incredible!!! This is an amazing work!!

I just wanted to tell you quickly about our lesson in the TRC. I Love the TRC because we get to teach the people as themselves so we're actually making a difference in their lives!!! This week’s lesson was about receiving revelation through prayer. Sister L. came up with this great object lesson she had a long skinny box with one end closed. We named off all of the blessing God wants to give us as we put Jolly Ranchers into one end. Then we told the volunteers if they opened up their end by praying they could "RECIEVE ALL OF THESE BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and dumped all of the candy on them! We got to teach two of our favorite people who we've taught a few times before. One, is a return missionary, the other is this hilarious old man who is Chinese, but also served his mission in Hong Kong. He loves to joke around, but is also sooooo fun to teach. At the end of our lesson, we asked if they had any experiences with prayer that they would like to share. This man, Brother W. told us his conversion story. It was amazing! I honestly couldn't understand most of what he was saying, (afterward, my companions were able to help me get a general gist of what he was saying) but the Spirit was sooooo strong!!! I could tell that he knew what he was saying was true and that he felt strongly about that. The spirit is an amazing thing, I know the people in Hong Kong might sometimes struggle to understand what I am saying, especially at the beginning, but I hope that I can teach in such a way that like Brother W., they can feel what I mean.

I have no idea what I'll be doing for Thanksgiving, but I'll let you know!

I have had 2 almost colds, but the worst one was this past weekend, and seriously only lasted about a day. It really wasn't that bad, I was able to exercise and focus like normal, I just had to blow my nose a bit more. I know I'm being blessed. (I know the blessing when I was set apart is true, because all of my roommates have been sick.)

Well I have to go, just one more thing, there is this really cool new Mormon Message on the Book of Mormon you should watch, also look up Stella on Mormon.org she is from Hong Kong and her video is so fun to see!!! (you can also look at my profile too!! my current location is "Hong Kong"!!!!!)

I love you sooooooooooo much !!! Thank you sooooo much for your love and support and letting me have this wonderful opportunity!!!


Sister Nelson

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