Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Happy Tuesday!

Oh so did you know it was daylight savings this weekend? We didn't!! hahaha we all got up at "6:30" to shower and I was super surprised that there wasn't a huge line like most Sundays. We kept getting ready and finally realized that it might be daylight savings. Sis. L went to ask some other girls and of, course it was. SO I fixed my hair, and make up and went back to bed for an hour, it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Last Thursday we taught Mr. C who is actually Elder M, the Mandarin elder who knows Cantonese. We were teaching about the Word of Wisdom and decided we wanted to have a "member" come help us teach. We asked one of his companions to be the church member and just made it really obvious when he should testify. Since Mr. C knows both Mandarin and Cantonese, it was perfect. I was amazed at how much I was able to understand, and even without understanding, I was able to feel the Spirit. The Spirit is absolutely amazing! It really can be communicated through any language barrier. Every time I realized that, I am so comforted because there is no way my Cantonese is good enough for the people in Hong Kong to really understand what I am saying all the time. But I know if I strive to have the Spirit with me and show through my actions that I really do love and care about them, the Holy Ghost will be able to speak to them. Which is what I want for them anyway. My companions and I counted the other day, and we have learned about 900 words since we got here!!! wow!!

Ahhhh!! We only have 20 days left! All of the missionaries that came in with us are leaving!! Speaking of which, there is a Portuguese missionary, Elder B. who has been re-assigned to Chicago while he waits for his visa, maybe he'll come to Ottawa!!! Oh, listen to your last year's EFY CD. I know the girl who sang "I am his Daughter." She is super sweet!!!

I wanted to tell you about a cool experience this weekend. This weekend I was feeling a bit like a "buhngaausih" (a missionary coined term which is a combination of buhngaau (apostasy) and chyuhngaausih (missionary)). I really wasn't, but I really wanted to be working harder, I knew I could be doing more to be prepared for HK in 3 weeks, but I really wasn't sure how. It's so frustrating! Saturday night and Sunday morning, I really prayed that I could figure out how to snap out of it and be motivated to work hard for my last few weeks here. I also dedicated my fast to figuring out what I needed to be doing to be prepared for Hong Kong. Heavenly Father hears prayers!!! We had barely gotten to church when I realized I was speaking Cantonese with my companions without consciously deciding to do so! That alone was a motivation boost! The rest of Sunday was really uplifting and rejuvenating, I learned a lot! Since then, I haven't been "cured" completely, but I know that wouldn't help me, I need to learn to work hard and learn, but Heavenly Father has blessed me with lots of little experiences that have really kept me motivated and helped me know what goals I can be setting and how I can improve. I still have to work, that's not going to change, but I know Heavenly Father is behind this work 100%!!! He is going to help me, and with Him I can do this!! That is perfect!!

I love you all soooo much and I hope you have a great week!!!


Sister Nelson

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