Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hi Everyone!!!

6 days until Hong Kong!!!!!! Aaiya!!! Can you believe it! This is my last e-mail from the US until 2013! I can't believe how fast the time has gone! We leave the MTC on Monday, fly from SLC To LAX, to Taipe, Taiwan and then Hong Kong. We get to Hong Kong on Wednesday morning!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! So a week from today doesn't exist for me! It's kind of weird to think that I will never experience Tuesday November 29, 2011! Hopefully nothing too exciting happens! hahaha I'll make up for it with an extra long day on my way home!

On Thanksgiving, we will have our "feast" around noon and then make sack lunches for dinner. We have a TON of personal time which we will probably use for packing and studying and then a service project and a devotional (hopefully and probably with a general authority!!!!!) at night! So exciting news from the week!!! Soren was baptized on Saturday! It wasn't a real baptism since of course he is already baptized, but we set up a service and Leih Ji Muih made programs. I gave a talk and Leih Ji Muih and Nihp Ji muih sang! It was really cool. I felt so happy and realized that if I felt this good when we were "baptizing" a person we were just practicing teaching. I can't imagine how happy I'll be when one of the people I meet in Hong Kong makes the decision to be baptized!!!! On that note, Tina is getting baptized tomorrow! Our teacher has given us a really good person to work with, Tina's "parent's" haven't been supportive of her getting baptized so we've been working with her over the past few lessons to get her parents permission and they finally did! It's a bit difficult because it is a practice, so we can't actually talk to her parents, but it's really helped me learn how I can better meet the needs of the people I teach. The gospel can really help anyone with any problem.

There is this awesome senior couple that was here last week. They're actually going to Cambodia but they will be in Hong Kong working at the temple for a bit, so we will get to see them!! It's been so fun to talk to them and practice our Cantonese. I think the most important thing I learned from them was how to say my name! Elder C. spent like 2 minutes saying my name and repeating it until he was satisfied with my ability to say it. I'm still not great, but I'm bound to learn!!! At least I'll be really good at the "eung" sound which is one of the hardest for us to say! There is also this sweet sister from just outside of Hong Kong, she is headed to Sydney Australia and is here learning English. Yikes!!! We saw her on our temple walk on Sunday. She must have seen our Chinese name tags and said "Leih hou" she got so excited when we responded back!!! We talked to her for about 10 minutes and the best part was, I understood most of what she was saying!!!!!!! This was such a blessing for both her and us, she is here learning English and was probably excited to have the chance to speak her language and I was for sure happy to have the reassurance that I can sort of communicate in Cantonese a week before I go to Hong Kong! I seriously can't believe it! We really haven't been here for that long, but I can speak chinese!!! and it dosen't sound ChingChongie to me anymore, it's an actual language!!!! Aaiya!!! Such a miracle and I'm sooooo excited to be a part of it!!

I love you all soooooo much!!! I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Run hard, eat well and give everyone hugs for me!!! I'll Talk to you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Nelson

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