Thursday, February 9, 2012

Miracles happen every single day!!!

Hello Everyone!

Last week, we had exchanges so I went to Wan Chi for the night.  We went to get burritos at a place that has a special deal only on Tuesdays.  It's a bunch of Philipinas that run it.  While we were there, one of them handed us a scripture case and said, "One of your fellow brothers left this."  We were looking at the family pictures inside to figure out whose it was, and the sweet lady said, "His name is Elder, Elder. . . Goodwin or something like that, but I just know his name is Elder!"
Sister C. has given me phone duty this week, meaning I have to carry the phone and answer it when it rings, I really don't like it, but that means it's good for me, I'm having so many more opportunities to try my hand at telephone conversations, some are ok, some. . . well I'm learning.
Last Saturday, we went on splits to do finding. I went with one of the sisters in the ward.  I was praying sooooooooooo hard that we would be able to have a lesson.  I really wanted the sister I was with to have a good finding experience, but I also knew my Cantonese and finding skills were not that good.  It happened!!  We taught a lesson to a really nice lady named M.!  When we started talking to her, she didn't seem that interested, next thing I knew she was inviting us to sit next to her!  The sister I was with was amazing!  She is such a great missionary, she practically taught the entire lesson! 

One of the girls we recently started teaching, Y, now has a baptismal date!!! Yay!! We met with her on Saturday and taught her about the Restoration.  She's been reading the Book of Mormon and praying.  She also asked TONS of good questions!  Sister C. and I practiced how to invite someone to be baptized during our comp study earlier that day, and the concern Sister C. brought up was the exact question Y.  had, so I already knew how to approach it!  Wow!!! Heavenly Father is just amazing isn't he?  I am so excited for her!  I really, really hope that she can keep progressing!!!) 
Monday we taught two adorable girls that we met last month while we were contacting.  The lesson went so well.  One of them really likes art so we were able to teach about the Restoration, the Book of Mormon and prayer while we looked at different paintings in the chapel as we were giving them a tour.  We talked about baptism when we showed them the baptismal font.  In the chapel, the other one, who really likes singing, asked about the hymn books.  I just happened to actually bring my pinyam hymnbook with me for district meeting (I usually just try to fake read the real Chinese) so we were able to sing “I am a Child of God” for them and teach them about their relationship with their Heavenly Father.  We asked them how they felt after and they said, "Very Comfortable" (best translation I have) so we were able to teach them about the Holy Ghost!!! It really made our lesson after so easy to teach because we could draw on the things we had already talked about!  I'm telling you Miracles happen every single day!!! Heavenly Father's hand is so involved in every one of our lives, we just need to recognize it.  When we do it is such a blessing to understand His love!

1 - How long do Chinese New Year Celebrations last?
Pretty much just the week of the New Year, but people spent most of January preparing and somehow a lot of people dropped us over the holiday.  The past few weeks have been a bit slow, but lately Heavenly Father has been blessing us with TONS of miracles!! We are booked all-day tomorrow and Saturday!  I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!
2 – Have you been asked to give a talk in church yet or born your testimony in Testimony meeting?  Just my first Sunday and that's it!  We're teaching a missionary class for members now, so that should be a good opportunity to talk more! 

I love you all soooooooooo much!!!!
Sister Nelson 

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