Thursday, February 16, 2012

It tasted like chicken!!!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and happy Kasey's-been-on-a-mission-for-5-months-already-holy-cow-Day!!!  I'm not sure which was more exciting!  How did you celebrate?  Dad said he had to work a super long day, I'm really sorry to hear that.  I hope his hours clear up this week.   Valentine's Day here was great, I seriously was soooooo happy, I seriously thought I might explode!  It really is such a blessing to start to feel even a glimpse of Heavenly Father's love for these people and know that the best way I can show that love is by teaching them the gospel.  It really is a learned thing, I have to work each day to forget myself and really love and serve these people, but when it clicks, it is seriously the best thing ever.  I know I am exactly where I need to be and I wouldn't exchange this experience for anything!  We did some finding during the day, and then Sister C. and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner.  After that we went to the chapel so I could do a pass-off.  On the way she said she needed something from the grocery store and ended up buying flowers for me and the other sisters in the apartment!!!  Hahaha it totally made my day!!!  She's so cute!

1 – What language is spoken when you go to the temple?


2 – When does Sister C. go home?  Is she getting excited?
Next week!!  She is so excited!!  Next week I finish my second move in Hong Kong and I get a new companion!!  Yikes!!  I'll no longer be a baby!!!  I'm a little nervous because I'm going to have to show my new companion around the area, I really hope I know the area and the ward well enough!!

I heard about Whitney Houston from a member at church on Sunday. I was pretty excited to #1 hear news, and #2 understand it in Cantonese!!!
On Monday I ate chicken feet!!!  It was honestly not as traumatic as I had expected or honestly hoped it would be, but that's ok. Elder H. was sitting across from me at dinner at a family's house on Monday night.  He was eating a chicken foot and asked if I had ever tried one.  He convinced me it was probably the best one I would ever try (curry and very tender).  After consulting his companion and mine, I decided I needed the experience.  It tasted like chicken!!!  Hahaha!!!  It really wasn’t too bad!

Our investigators are doing AMAZING!!!!!  We had 4 people at church on Sunday!  One was Y., she is doing amazing!!  She is seriously just drinking things in, she asks so many good questions and is excited to learn!!  The other 2 were girls the Elders contacted and introduced us to them at church.  They were super cute!  I didn't get a chance to teach them since we split and I taught Y. with another member while Sister C. taught them.  We hope they'll keep coming.  The Chinese New Year is always hard as far as teaching goes, so we've been doing a lot of finding lately and Heavenly Father has really blessed us.  Last week we met 5 girls as they were walking home from school, we taught them about prayer and then on Saturday they came to the church and we taught them again.  Some of them have been praying and reading the Book of Mormon, and they said they would come to church this Sunday.  They are all so sweet.  Actually all of the people we are teaching are so sweet!!  I just hope we can continue teaching them and help them progress.

I better go so I can send you pictures! I love you so much!!! I am praying for all of you everyday!!!


Sister Nelson
 The view from a member's house, sometimes she invites our district for dinner. She is Thai and makes AMAZING Thai food.
 Sister C. and I in the Lift on the way to big Buddah. Apparently it broke down the day after we went and people were stuck there for several hours!!! Yikes!!! It was super foggy which made the ride a bit eerie.

 The Big Buddah Statue
 This is a door underneath the Big Buddah statue (the inside is a museum and a shrine to Buddah)

                                                                         Since Sister C. is french, we had to take a picture next to the french cart

  This big blue cement thing is the shape of the blocks they used to build a dam that looked really cool!!!
 Valantine flowers from Sister C.


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