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Happy Mother's Day from Hong Kong

Kasey called from Hong Kong on Mother's Day. We got 2 short audio recordings of her speaking Cantonese. Technically, they are video recordings, but we were just talking to her on the phone, not by video.1 -
2 - (audio starts at about 30 seconds)


Ahhhhhhh Best P-day ever!!! Sister H. and I hiked a BEAUTIFUL mountain this morning, It took about 2 hours to get to the top and when we got there it was beautiful but too foggy to really see anything. We were singing a song for Sister H.'s video camera when the fog started to clear, I can't wait to re-watch it! It was beautiful!!!!!! I took a few pictures, but unfortunately I forgot my card reader.  Sorry!!!!! Next week, I will send them for sure. We stopped at the American store near the trail head and bought pomegranate and aloe juice and none other than WHOLE WHEAT PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got on the bus with shaky legs from hiking so much, super happy and totally and completely in love with HONG KONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that a member chang’d us out at this Spaghetti Restaurant that also sells Japanese food.  I had fish curry and rice and a red-bean shake.  It was delicious. That makes Chang-out number 5 for the week and 1 of 2 today. Speaking of Chang Outs, Heavenly Father is blessing us! Monday I knew we had a Family Home Morning at 10 and then Yam Cha at 2.  We didn't even start eating at the FHM until 11:30 or 12 because she taught us how to make these Chinese rice roll refreshment things. I have the recipe and a sort of translation, so hopefully I can make them at home. Anyway, we had to leave for district meeting before they could feed us TOO much. Then Yam Cha at 2.  I was getting nervous because they ordered a TON of food, and the members didn't seem to be eating that much and one of the Elders was sick. Well, we started eating and it was like the loaves and the fishes in reverse! All of the sudden the food was gone!!!! I was full but not bursting at the seams! Our Chang Out on Tuesday had to cancel and we were able to have a rest and the Chang Outs yesterday were actually pretty pleasant. I'm learning new ways to be polite and build relationships with the members without eating everything they put in front of us. It sounds silly, but this week was just a simple testimony to me that Heavenly Father is really taking care of us, in every way.

Actually to tell you honestly, I was a bit stressed out Sunday night. We had been running around all day and I knew that this week was going to be super busy and that people were going to want to feed us A LOT! We got back late from the My Conversion Fireside that they have at the end of each move (transfer period) and had just enough time to plan and get ready for bed. We hadn't had much time to talk about the week. As I was praying I pretty much "dumped" (as Nathanael would say it) on Heavenly Father and told Him how stressed I was about the week and I wasn't sure how we were going to do everything and eat everything we needed to. I don't know why I was freaking out so much, but as I prayed "I am a Child of God" and "Walk Tall You’re A Daughter" came into my head. It was just a great reminder to me that Heavenly Father loves me, He is behind me and if I rely on Him everything will work out. It also reminded me again that these are His children here in Hong Kong.  Whatever trials I face don't matter as long as I am trying to help them know mine and Heavenly Father's love for them and to serve them as best as I can. It's so simple, but I slept peacefully after that, and it really has helped me have fire and happiness this week.


1 - Do they celebrate Mother's Day in Hong Kong?

Yes! Actually it was pretty funny, we had an investigator come to church in Sha Tin.  During Sacrament they gave all of the sisters gifts, when they gave me one, our investigator looked at me with huge eyes, "You too?!!!!" I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO No way!!! I'm just unfortunately over 18 so I get thrown into this group. Sister H. fought her gift a bit more, but I got a sweet grocery bag out of the deal, so I'm not too ashamed. Our Ma On Shan ward gave us body wash. It was pretty funny to have the Elders give it to us the other day!  Haha!

Oh I forgot the most important news of the week! Sister H. and I are staying together for another move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoooooo!!! I'm so excited! I've seriously been praying for it! I have learned so much from her this move. She is just such an incredible missionary with an amazing fire and desire to serve, and yet we have a blast!!! There have been numerous times where she says something and then we both just laugh uncontrollably.  It's usually on the MTR or a busy street which is even worse because we have to try to contain it!!!  Hahaha!  There's always the Macau wild card and Sister D. comes out in two weeks, so who knows one of us might be booted out, but for now we're safe!  (Barbara’s note:  Macau is unique because a missionary can only stay in Macau for as long as their Visa is approved.  The time period often depends on how the officials feel that day.  Sister D. is currently serving in Macau, but is expected to be required to leave in two weeks which means that another sister will need to be transferred in to replace her.)

We went to visit Chan Baat in the Hospital on Monday, it was really neat, he can't hear well, so it's really hard to communicate with our broken Chinese. He can't read either, but Sister Fe. gave him a pamphlet just so he could look at the pictures. We sang “I am a Child of God” in English, (we couldn't remember the Chinese) and he just looked so happy!  Sister Fa. is starting to record his stories when they go to meet with him, and as she was talking about this we realized we have a sister in our Ma On Shan ward who just has an incredible conversion story and story about being a member of the church in Hong Kong. We're going to meet with her and ask her to record some of her stories for us too. Sister Fa. is just amazing to realize these people have such great stories but they're not recorded yet! We're still working on how we can get them written down and translated, and of course all in our "free time" hahaha but I'm so excited!

I'm so happy you had a good Mother's Day, it was so great to be able to talk to you. I really look forward to your e-mails every week and hearing how you are all doing. Good luck finishing school and starting the summer!

I love you!


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