Thursday, May 10, 2012

Umbrellas are maufaans!!!!!!!!

 A grave cite, I think for ancestor worship

 A village that we visited
 A stove in an abandoned house

Hi Everyone!

Wow, a rare P-day! I got to sleep and write a letter to one of my friends serving a mission! I also cleaned the bathroom a little. These things never happen on a P-day! It was sooooo great!
I ran into a group of about 8 deaf people traveling back from mainland the other day. They were spread out over the car of the MTR, but still talking!!! I got up the courage to ask one of them if they knew ASL, he didn't, but directed me to another man. His first question was "are you deaf?" When I answered no, and he saw that I was a missionary he said, "I have my church, that's enough Thank You," and obviously didn't want to use his pationce on a girl whose ASL is slow, tedious and "sounds" like Cantonese. But it was fun to try!!! There's a deaf ward somewhere here, hopefully I'll get to serve there!!
This morning we went to visit Chun Baak, he is a 102 year old that lives in an abandoned villiage on the top of a mountain in our roommate's area. One day some elders "tracked" (I'm not sure how, it's a half hour hike) into this villiage. Chun Baak has believed in Christ, but wasn't baptized. Well, the missionaries taught him and he was baptized at 99! He has this car/bicycle thing he made to ride down the mountain for food and stuff, except it's broken right now.  He has 2 phones; they're broke too; there's a tv in front of his house and a washer next too it, apparently they're broken as well. So we can't get in contact with him, we just climbed the mountain and at his house yelled, "Chun Baak, leih haih mh haih dou a? (Are you there?) Sadly, he wasn't today, people are starting to remodel the village so he has neighbors now.  They think he's in the hospital, the other sisters are going to try and visit him today, I hope he's alright.
Miracle!!! Last night I was calling some of the people that we've contacted this week. One lady answered and started speaking English because she wants to practice, she said one of her friends said that our church was evil and that we have "another Bible" well, I luckily was able to switch back to Cantonese (I don't know how to do this in English anymore) and explain about the Book of Mormon and invite her to read it and find out for herself (she already has one).  She really wants her daughter to have a church to guide her and help her make good decisions and she's coming to church with us on Sunday to see what it's like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got off the phone and squealed because we really have no investigators in one of our wards right now, ahhhh!!!! I'm so excited to see her!!!
Talking about her daughter just made me remember, have you seen the new For the Strength of Youth pamphlets?!!!! Sooooooo cool!! I didn't realize how out dated and unappealing the old ones were until I saw the new ones.
1 - Did you get a straightener and hair dryer? 
Yes, together both were $40! Thank you!!! I was proud of us for finding them.  There's enough hair salons in Won Kok and they were all pointing to the same little store so we just kept asking in different salons until we found it! We couldn't even remember the word for straightener! hahaha
2 - Culture this week? 
Umbrellas are maufaans!!!!!!!! Everyone uses them in the summer so they don't get dark, but that makes the streets a ton more crowded!!!
3 - How is the healthy eating project going? 
Not so good, some one has fed me cake every day this week. . . but I've also been slaking off a bit on my own too, I've got to start keeping up again. But on the other hand, on my own time I'm eating healthier than I ever have in my life!!!   I can't be doing too bad, I'm almost halfway through my mission and Iive stayed aroung the same weight. There's enough AMAZING fruits and vegetables here that you can experience exotic food and be healthy at the same time.  This week should be interesting, tomorrow we have a chang-out then Monday we have 3!!! including Yam Cha, (they feed us TONS of refreshment type egg rolly foods, yummy but not healthy) and one on Tuesday. I'm pretty much only buying fruit and veggies today!! hahaha Other sisters tell me Heavenly Father answers prayers for good appetites so we can build a relationship with the people, and I am praying hard!!!
4 - How's the weather?
It's getting HOT!!!!! Whooooooo!!! I hope I'm ready!!
Ok, I'm going to send pictures. I love you all sooooo much!! I am so excited to talk to you!! I pray for you and hope that everything continues to go well. Thank you so much for your love and support this is really the best BEST thing I could be doing ever! The Gospel is true! I know it! Jesus Christ Lives and He can help us everyday to overcome our weaknesses and trials. Heavenly Father loves each of you so much and He is more involved in our lives than we'll ever realize! He hears and answers our prayers.

I love you!!!

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