Thursday, May 24, 2012

Miracles are happening everyday here!

Hi Everyone!!!!

Congratulations on school being over!!!!

Yes, Elder Oaks came to visit this week!!!  It was really cool, but over in a blink of an eye! When I shook his hand he asked where I was from and he knew where Ottawa was!!!  Did you know he studied in Chicago a while ago?  I didn't!!  Sister Oaks said she had a very nice time in Joliet.  She is so cute isn't she?  Did you notice he uses an iPad?  He talked about when he was studying in Chicago, they crowded around a small black and white TV (about the size of his iPad hahaha) he said one of his friends said, "One day technology will be used to spread the gospel in ways you can't even imagine."  It's true isn't it!!!  As he said this, he was reading his iPad in Wan Chi, while I was in Kowloon Tong watching it on a broadcast, and texting one of our investigators on a cell phone so she could find us!  Crazy isn't it!!!  They encouraged us to think of questions before the devotional, not to ask Elder Oaks, but so that we could be in tune with revelation as he spoke.  I really felt my questions were answered through his talk and the other speakers.

A.H. got baptized on Sunday!!!!  That's 2 baptisms in 2 weeks in our Tai Wai ward!

Miracles are happening everyday here! We've been particularly worried about 3 of our investigators who have a lot of belief in the Church, but not a lot of "faith that leads to action." On Sunday we decided to fast particularly for them and this week we've been able to schedule all three of them and all three lessons have been really special and exactly what the investigator needed!!  Wow!!!  AM (our recent convert) helped us fellowship today.  She is AMAZING!!! Our investigator is having trouble sacrificing some things so she can come to church and AM shared how she is studying for a HUGE test that she will take in July.  She had the choice between attending a class on Sunday with a Chinese teacher, or an online class with an English teacher.  She took the online class even though her English is not very good. She said it's been hard, but her English has improved A LOT! and she knows that Heavenly Father is blessing her for keeping the commandments!

Ok Questions:

1 - How do you compare in age to the other sister missionaries?
I'm average, most come when they're 21

2 - Did any of the other sisters in your apartment get transferred?

I heard a talk by Elder Bednar in the MTC that said that we don't always know when we're receiving revelation, but "if you be a good boy or a good girl" and try to keep the commandments you will be in a position to receive and act on revelation and you might not realize until years down the road that it was revelation.  It's soooooo true!!!  I really hope that I am in tune enough with the spirit to allow this to happen for me and my companions!
Exciting news!!!  Our Tai Wai ward is having a musical night on June 9 and gave missionaries 20 minutes to perform!!  Yikes!!!  President Chan talked to us (on 2 different occasions) about how he really wants us to seize this opportunity.  We were thinking about it last night and we decided to tell about the restoration in 20 minutes through song and recitations (kind of like music and the spoken word).  I'm sooooooooo excited!!  Especially since it's the kind of thing where we only really have to practice it once or twice all together because we already know how to sing hymns.  I started writing a script this morning, I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!  I think it will be really special if we can do it right!

On that note, I plan to buy a Chinese primary songbook so I can write in the pingyam? I figure it's the kind of thing I'll use for the rest of my life.

Ok I better go so that I can send pictures!!! I love you!!!!


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