Thursday, July 19, 2012

EEFY - English Especially For You


Do you and Sister Kelly do Pday activities (email, groceries, etc.) on your own or with other missionaries?
Sometimes it just depends on the p-day
News of the week -

1) We are no longer serving in Ma On Shan!! President Hawks has been worried about the sisters serving in 3 wards and has made this change mission wide. We will keep working with the people we are currently working with, but from now on the Ma On Shan Elders will be teaching all investigators unless there is a specific need for sisters. I am sad to leave the people in Ma On Shan, but I am so excited to only have to serve in one chapel. I know we will be able to give a lot more to our other wards now. I'm soooooo excited to get to know the members better.

2) We have EEFY (English Especially For You) in 2 weeks. Our zone leaders organized a find yesterday. They decorated a wheeling white board with pictures from last year and we took it to one of the MTR stations and stood there for 2 hours passing out flyers. I will try to send pictures it was a lot of fun! We also have cool side bags to advertise.

3) NGM is getting baptized on Sunday!!! It's sooooo neat to be able to help her and her family! She is awesome!!

Yikes! Sorry this is so short!!!

I love you all!!!! Ga yauh!!!

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