Monday, January 21, 2013

It has been an awesome week!!!

We went to visit an old lighthouse that we can see from our house. It is still in use today.

Mainland in the distance

This is one of the main streets that they blocked off and used for the grand prix in November. You can see that it's also a race track if you look at the turn.

 These are from a cool park across the street from our church. We go finding in it sometimes, but last week we went and took pictures. Apparently it used to be a rich guy's house/yard!
Wow can you believe it's already January 21?!!!  I'll start with your questions:

1 - Last week you mentioned that Sister Law had a U-turn.  What does that mean? 

We have to exit and re-enter Macau in order to renew our visas when we run out of days.  Mainland is a lot closer, (you could easily swim there, and probably be able to hear each other shouting in some places, it's soooo close!) We can’t go to Mainland, so we take the ferry to HK, buy a ticket, (Elders usually get McDonalds because it's cheaper there) and take the boat back.  On Wednesday, since I'm exiting with Sister Cook and Sister Heaton we will probably get to go to the temple!!!  

2 - Who went with her when she had to go?  

No one, we just dropped her off at the pier and picked her up 2.5 hours later.

3 - How are your shoes, clothes holding up?

Sooo good!  I've inherited a number of new things from the "give away" drawers in our apartment.  I have too many clothes if anything.  The shoes are great!  The elastic hasn't broken since last March.

4 - When was the last time you were in a car?  I imagine that you have only been on buses, trains and ferries. 

Oh gosh I don't remember . . . yeah I have no idea.  Do Taxis count?  If so, then 6 weeks ago.

5 - How do you think it will be to be in a new area for just a couple weeks before you come home?  It sounds like it would be about 10 days.  Is that correct?  

Probably.  I'm praying that I get 30 days when I exit on Wednesday so that way I can stay until the end.  But even at that I might have to come out for a few days so that I can attend Career workshop.  I think it will be fun!!! I hope it will be.  We had 24s this week and I did Chinese work.  It was fun!  I can still speak it! (Thank goodness!)  My brain hurt from trying to understand.  It made me realize how much I LOVE international work. I know I'm supposed to be here!! 

It has been an awesome week!!! We taught a TON of lessons and had sooooo many referrals!!! We have been really, really excited!!! The sisters at President Marcello's boarding house have been on fire still and we've gone to their house to teach lessons almost every day this week.  One of the sisters is here waiting for her visa to Hong Kong, so she is not busy and uses her time to help us!  She has scheduled several people to see us!  It's been especially nice because our church was getting new front doors last week so we were not able to use it for a day and a half.  

We planned to visit a member who runs several boarding houses on Friday. Instead, she took us to 2 of the boarding houses and had us teach some of the boarders there.  She did the same thing on Sunday.  We have 8 referrals just from her this week!!! It was amazing!!!!  

E. is still great, except she's moving back to the Philippines tomorrow!!! We were praying for her to find a job so that she could stay here with her husband, but apparently Heavenly Father has another plan.  She wants to continue going to church so we will refer her to the missionaries there.  

Sister E. is doing great!  We were teaching about dressing modestly and she asked about a mini skirt she wore to church last week.  We explained that we wear skirts that come to her knees and she said, "thank you for explaining to me, I won't wear it."  Luckily we had some extra skirts that other sisters had left so we brought those for her.  She had already found another dress by church on Sunday and looked beautiful!!!!

Well, it is time to go!!! I love you all!!!!



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