Monday, January 7, 2013

It's been amazing and I am sooooo happy!

Hi Everyone!!!

Wow, I didn't realize how tired I was until I sat down in front of the computer!

I'm glad you had such a great New Year!  Since we go to bed 
at 11:30 here I wasn't fully out before I heard whoops and hollars from our neighbors and honking from outside, but that was it for our New Year celebrations.

Thanks to everyone, my zone has been very jealous of me for the past few weeks!  I had a huge stack of mail on Wednesday when the Zone Leaders came back from HK.  President and Sister Hawks were here yesterday and I already had another stack!  It's been so fun to have so much mail!!!

I'm going to start with questions today and then I'll write about my week.


1 - How many Sisters are coming to Hong Kong on the next transfer? 
     2 or 3  
2 - How many Sisters are coming on the transfer that in March?  15 missionaries!!
     I think 7 sisters!  April has 26 missionaries and 16 sisters!!!!  EVERYONE is going to have to train.
Ok so this week was FULL of miracles!!! I don't even know where to start!  We are teaching this lady named E., she is from Indonesia and is just here for a few weeks waiting for her HK visa.  She is just eating up the gospel and is excited to be baptized.  Saturday we were teaching her about fasting and after the lesson she broke down.  She is facing a lot of challenges right now and it is really tough.  Finally we asked Elder Welling if he could give her a blessing.  I did my best to explain what a blessing was, but I wasn't sure how much she understood because her English is ok, but not great and she was so emotional.  I know she  understands now.  After the blessing, she looked relieved and said she felt God's love for her.  She also smiled, straightened up and said, "Well, what's our next activity?!!!"  I love her so much!  She looked better and happy at church yesterday too.  She thanks us all the time for seeing her and said, "Sister Nelson and Sister Law, you give me the spirit!"  

We met K. and taught her about the Book of Mormon and she has been reading everyday.  She couldn't come to church yesterday because she had to do something to prepare for work tomorrow.  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  We were so sad!  I'm praying for her, she has had so many blessings bringing her to the gospel she can't forget now!  

We met a lady last week and she has scheduled us several times, but had to cancel.  Saturday she finally met with us and had a lot of questions!  She was very excited when we gave her the Book of Mormon at the end.  She is very sweet and I hope we get to teach her again!

Heavenly Father has been blessing us and this area sooooo much this week!!  It's been amazing and I am sooooo happy!

President Hawks did interviews with us yesterday, since Sister Law has less days than I do, it sounds very likely that I could be here next move too!  Although, it will be terrible for my Chinese, I would love it!!!!!!!!!  I really, really love serving here!

Well, I better go, we're planning to go wander around the Venetian today apparently there's and anatomy exhibit there!!!  I love you all soooo much!!!



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