Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Mom, Dad, Kelli, Nathanael and Savanna!!!

I can't seem to go one week e-mailing without tearing up a bit, not because I'm homesick, but because I love hearing from you and every time I hear what is going on I realize how great my family is!!!
Wow!! School is starting already?!!! Crazy!!! Good Luck Kelli and Nathanael! I have this feeling the next few years are going to fly by too!

Thank you soooooo much for the birthday package!!!! I loved it and we had a good time last Friday!!!  I tried cooking the muffins in the rice cooker, and it didn't quite work, so I finished it off in the microwave to make sure the egg was cooked, they are still edible and yummy to me!!! (but they look gross so I can't share hahahaha!!!!!) It has been fun to have them for breakfast this week!! We all died when I opened the water bottle (Barbara's note: the water bottle is imprinted with a picture of our family)
.  Sister Lier, I think, laughed the hardest. One of our ward members got a kick out of it on Sunday! Thank you Grandma for the package too!!! I love the hat!! Tons of people sent me letters too!! I feel so loved!! (The elders in our zone haven't liked me much lately.  Things like "Sister Nelson the whole mailbox is for you" followed by a roll of the eyes come from them when or if I ask about the mail) Thank You! Thank You!!!

This week has been CRAZY!!! Good news, Sister Lin is finally unpacked!!!! (I think and hope!  She put her suitcases away last Friday so I think she is done)

EEFY (English Especially For Youth) takes about 4 hours everyday between set up and tear down, but we have been able to teach several people!! One is one of our Sha Tin member’s friend. We've taught her about the restoration.  Her mom and brother are coming to the talent show on Saturday!!!!! Yay!!! Maybe we'll get to teach a family!!  President Chan also found a couple for us to teach. Talk about intimidating!! Teaching with your former Mission President!!! Yikes!!! President Hawks has been encouraging us to pray for families, I've been forgetting sometimes, but Heavenly Father is already blessing us! I better start praying and working harder!!!

Another miracle! We decided to make string bracelets for EEFY today. Yesterday we went to a place in Sha Tin where I had seen embroidery floss before, but they didn't have any!!! So I walked around the store asking the ladies shopping there if they knew where I could buy some. One lady was trying to think of places and then was like, "I have a bunch in my apartment that I used for a project that I can give you. Wait here, I'll be back in 10 minutes." She came back with a HUGE bag of embroidery floss already cut in yard lengths!!!!! Miracle!!! I was standing there in awe trying to figure out how to get her contact info so we could send a thank you card (preferably hand-delivered with a Book of Mormon :) and then she left!!! But talk about miracle!! We spent 12 HK ($2US) on a project Elder Farnsworth handed me a 1000 bill for because I was expected to need the most money!! MIRACLE!!!!!

I had to call President Hawks about one of our investigators a few times these past weeks. It has been really interesting how he listens to the situation and then asks what I think we need to do, usually he says to do what I think is best. Sometimes he'll give a suggestion and he willingly answers my questions, but it is cool, humbling, and a good reminder to have him tell me that we're entitled to inspiration for our areas and he trusts that.

Things with Sister Lin are great. Our Summer Missionary "died" yesterday, and it has been nice to be companions with my companion! I am also being constantly reminded of my weaknesses, it's kind of ironic that as a trainer I feel the least like a good missionary I've felt since the MTC. I need the extra hour of companion study as much, if not more than she does!!

I love you all soooo much!! Thank you so much for your love and support! I think of you lots (especially now that you're on my water bottle!!!)



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