Thursday, August 2, 2012

I don't know who my companion will be yet, but I think her last area was the MTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Mom, Dad, Kelli, Nathanael and Savanna!!! 

1 – How’s the weather? 
It's good sometimes it rains, sometimes it's hot and sunny sometimes it's a typhoon, it's normal weather. . . unpredictable!! 
2 – Do you have speculation for transfers next week?
I have this hunch that Sister Kelly is moving and that I will stay here.  I don't know who my companion will be yet, but I think her last area was the MTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 – Was the typhoon scary?  Did you have to stay in the apartment extra because of it?  
We had to go home "early" but we were planning on it any way because we hadn't done our studies or planning yet that day.  It was noisy hearing all the doors slamming around and there is quite a bit of tree damage, but other than that we're ok.

Ok back to question number 2:  I'm training next move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AHHH!!!!  I'm having a baby!!! hahahaha.  We called President Hawks on Saturday about one of our investigators and then he asked to talk to me and invited me to attend leadership training on Wednesday (which for sisters means you're training.)  I got off the phone and screamed.  Sister Far said she knew it was coming.  Anyway I am super excited!  Nervous of course, but I think I'm mostly afraid of my own imperfections and selfishness, but I am realizing more and more that this sister is not "my missionary," and I am not her trainer.  She is Heavenly Father's missionary and He is the trainer, I just need to do my best to not get in Heavenly Father's way.  Luckily enough He will help me.  Leadership training was yesterday.  It was really cool.  The meeting started at 8:15 but the Assistants didn't actually start until 8:45 they gave us that time to read the scriptures and prepare to learn.  President Hawks is Amazing!  I am so excited to have him as our mission president.  He took us 6 trainers into a separated room for 90 minutes and it was really cool to listen to him.  He talked a lot about focus.  Where is our focus?  Is it staying with in the bounds of rules or focused on Christ?  He reminded us that Heavenly Father is not so much concerned with where we are, but is more concerened with where we're headed so we need to be striving to repent and improve everyday.  I am so excited for this chance to learn and grow, I know it's going to push me to find habits and things that I need to change and then change them.  I am also nervous because we just got a summer missionary today and she will be with us for two weeks so she will be with us through moves, which might make things a bit stressful, but luckily she lives close to our apartment so it shouldn't be that hard to do what we need to with her.  (I hope and pray training and having a summer missionary at the same time will not affect either of their experiences.) 

M. is doing amazing!  I feel like things are really clicking for her.  She told us last week that she feels the church is true.  She's reading the Book of Mormon more and has even asked for english materials she can give her Philapina helper and to her daughter (who's 6 but her second language is Chinese, her English is great!!!)  Her mom came to church with her on Sunday and President Chan (our last mission president) and Sister Chan were so good at helping them!.  President Chan sat down with her mom and explained a lot about Christ and faith and even gave her a blessing to help her health problems.  M. took us and the Chans and her mom out to Yam Cha on Monday.  President Chan pretty much had a "missionary present lesson."  (instead of a lesson with a member present)  and did such a great job of explaining things to them.  It was sooooo cool to hear him teach.  At the end, Michelle invited her mom to watch "Finding Faith in Christ" with us (PS, I bought a copy today because Sister Far is dying and I always borrow hers.) and told her mom how much she wants her to come to church so that they can have an eternal family!!! She is AMAZING!!!  (Barbara's note:  When a missionary "dies," it means they are going home.)

A few weeks ago we met a girl, O., on the train and talked to her for a bit but didn't have time to exchange phone numbers.  Tuesday we met the Elders at a train station to walk together to a member's house.  Elder Chang pointed to a girl standing nearby and whispered to Sister Kelly "new investigator."  He meant nothing by it (he thought), but Sister Kelly went up and started talking to her.  Turns out it was O.!!!!! We were able to exchange numbers and she's coming to English Especially for Youth (EEFY)!!! We're meeting her for dinner tomorrow! I'm so excited!

EEFY is this week and it's been a bit stressful, but miracles are happening!  After the activity today we had a lesson with a member's friend who has come almost everyday, she is so cute and really seems interested.  T. came today which was a miracle because she had a baptismal goal for 2 weeks ago but has fallen off the face of the planet!!! It was soooo good to see her again! 

Confession:  I realized that next week I don't have time to celebrate my birthday (it's true Wednesday is going to be nuts with packing and I'm picking up a new missionary on Thursday, and I felt like it would be awkward to be like "Welcome to Hong Kong, it's my birthday.") and I really needed the socks that I knew were inside!!  So Sister Kelly and I decided to celebrate my birthday last night.  She bought ice cream and I started opening the packages, but when I saw everything so nicely wrapped I couldn't bring myself to open them and Sister Kelly couldn't let me do it, so she made me turn everything over to Sister Fernalius who she made promise to make my birthday not awkward next week.  I've made Sister Fernalius promise to let me buy the tim tam slam treats so that I can be a part of Celebrating my baby's first day in Hong Kong.  Hahaha I'm glad to know I'm taken care of, but that we're too busy to think too much about my birthday!

Ok, I'm going to send pictures the one out of the window is of a water war we had last week and I though you might enjoy a picture of me and Sister Darcey.  She gave an awesome sharing at leadership training yesterday. 

It's soooo good to hear how all of you are doing each week.  I look forward to your e-mails.  Thank you so much for being an awesome family and for your love, support and sacrifice!  you are all awesome!!



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