Thursday, August 30, 2012

One word describes this week: Full!!!

Happy Thursday and almost September!!!

One word describes this week: full!!! Monday we had Yam Cha. The elders both have summer missionaries so they ordered a ton of extra food. They didn't take into account that natives don't eat as much and can get away with it!!! Us foreigners on the other hand, are afraid to say no because we really don't want to offend or seem ungrateful. So it was up to me and the Elders to take care of it. . . by the end I offered things very specifically to the Summer missionaries so they couldn't refuse. It worked out well. Monday night was Family Home Evening and there is always a ton of good food! Then Tuesday night we went to a member's house and she made more dumplings and steamed buns than all the missionaries in the world need, plus vegetables, pork and oranges for dessert. She kept saying, "I was so busy today and cooked very simply and just a little." "Is that all you're going to eat? Help me finish it!" Oh man!!! I thought I would burst. Then Wednesday a member took our whole district and the Summer missionaires and the 2 youth that came finding with us to a delicious dinner. It was yummy, but I don't know if I'm ever going to be hungry again!! It's not as painful as when this happened right after I first moved here, which worries me, does that mean I'm eating more? I'm just working on my extra layer for winter. Warning: I might come home a bit rolly polly. Solution: I'll not stress about it now and sign up for the Halloween Half Marathon as soon as I get home!! hahaha

We were at the street market today and I was looking at some fruit that looked like tomatoes but pink. Then a lady turned to me and said "have you tried these?" she was so excited, "they're like tomatoes, but sweet! Here! try!" and handed us each one! She showed us how to eat it. It's like a cross between a tomato and a plum, but you don't eat the peel so you kind of pop it open and slurp it up. Then she said, "They're so sweet! It used to be you could only get them in mainland, but they found a way to transport them!" Ahhhh!! I bought some more (they were only 5 for 10 HK!!!) I'm so excited to try an exotic fruit from mainland!!!

1 - How are you doing with reading Chinese?
Eh not so good, President Hawks has encouraged us to focus on learning to speak, so I've been obedient. I'm realizing that I've wasted the past few moves trying to learn to read. I know enough to write a thank you note, (correction: I've written the characters for a thank you note down, so I can copy them) and I know enough to get around. Sister Lin knows characters so I don't have to worry as much right now!

2 - What have you noticed about the culture?
Well, I made dumplings and the older ladies I was with said they were very good!! I also learned to "mit" peel shrimp at dinner last night an they said I was very good at that too!! I'm a natural chinese chef!! *cough.

I'm not sure what else to say. This week has been a little harder. We have been doing a lot more finding, but I've needed it. I realized I've been getting prideful. This week I've been working harder to learn the language, praying more sincerely, trying harder to improve and trying to find ways to be even more obedient. We haven't had much success yet, but I just started changing. I would love to find a family tomorrow, but it might be better for me if Heavenly Father tried me for another week or so. We'll see. Finding did go a lot better yesterday. We had A., a young woman from one of our wards come with us. She is AMAZING!!! I learned so much from her!

M. officially moved from the area yesterday. It was sad to see her go, but I think the move will be really good for her to realize that the church is more than just the friends she makes there. V. should have gotten back from Mainland last night, we still haven't been able to get a hold of her. But if she's still up for it, we're hoping she can get baptized on Sunday!!! Please pray for her!!!!

Well, I think that's it! I'm going to send pictures!


My apartment 

 Birthday Celebration
 A Nelson Family water bottle!
Ingredients for Tim Tam Slams
 Sister Lin and Sister Nelson 

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