Thursday, August 23, 2012

. . . today was just tooooo good!!!

Hello Mom, Dad, Kelli Nathanael and Savanna!!!!

So when I left I had a little brother and two little sisters (or that's I what I tell people) where did they go?!!!!! Their pictures all look soooooo grown up!!!! And Kelli's going to College?!!! That's sooooo weird!! 

I'm glad school is going well for Savanna!  I sent some things to "sign" her cast you should get them soon.
(Barbara's note: Savanna had foot surgery and is in a cast for 6 weeks.  I asked Kasey to think of a way to "sign" Savanna's cast.  She made a stencil with her Chinese and English name.  It was a fun, easy way for Savanna's big sister to sign her cast.)
Thank you to everyone again for all of the birthday mail!!!!! I had 5 letters on my desk yesterday!!! 

Today was really cool! We had a mission tour this morning. Actually Elder Gong of the area 70 presidency, and Elder Wong of the 70, our Stake President and President and Sister Hawks visited our zone (they're "touring" all the zones this week.) I actually didn't know what we were going to be doing I was just told to be there. I wish I had known more so I could have prepared to learn even more, but it was still very uplifting and cool! All of the leaders spoke to us at least 1 time and then all of them bore their testimonies at the end. The especially neat part was that both Elder Wong and President Jsang (our stake president) are in our Sha Tin ward, so I'm already familiar with both of them - it was cool to see them in their church calling role, and not their everyday role.

We had a 20 minute leadership meeting before the conference with just the General Authorities, District leaders, Zone Leaders and trainers. Elder Gong had each of the leaders stand and talk about the success that was happening in the areas they were responsible for. He talked about how the 70, Mission President and Stake President hold different keys for missionary work. Then he had the trainers stand and he reminded us that we have a great responsibility. President Hawks has said this before but he reminded us that trainers build the mission and that we are very important and we need to think of what we need to do to help our companions be successful. I don't like it when they say that, but yet I do. I am totally incapable of training a missionary and especially since I've started training I've felt like I've been looked at under a magnifying glass. It is EXTREMELY humbling to know that this is my calling right now and very reasuring to know Heavenly Father will be with me if I will let him.

The trainings were really good. After the meeting, Elder Gong asked to have an interview with a few missionaries and I was one of them! It was very simple, but I don't think I will ever have the opportunity again to have a personal interview with a General Authority. I am just amazed with him and President Hawks!  Both have so much to do, so many missionaries to think about and coordinate, but whenever I talk with them I feel their love for me, individually, not just because I'm one of the missionaries and they love the missionaries, but because I'm Sister Nelson and I'm important. They also have a ways of asking me to bear testimony of the thing that I've been struggling with the most lately. Last time President Hawks asked me about my feeling about the Savior. This time Elder Gong asked me to share with him my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I've been struggling lately to really really feel and believe that it's true, even though I've known it before. As I started talking, several experiences from this week came to mind and I was reminded again that the Book of Mormon is true. It is amazing to me how many little things Heavenly Father can coordinate so that a book written hundreds of years ago can have meaningful, personal significance to me, one of 1,000,000,000s of people on the Earth today. I try to read the Book of Mormon for at least 10 minutes each day as part of my study and I'm trying to read it from beginning to end again. It's been a bit tough and I've not been understanding a whole lot lately, but I've decided to re-study the lessons in preach my gospel and started with the Restoration after I decided that's where I've wanted to start. Everything I've read in my daily 10 minutes has given me great insight to the restoration!!!! It's really a miracle that the Book of Mormon can answer our specific questions.

In his sharing Elder Gong talked specifically about 3 Nephi 11:10 where Christ says He is the Christ and has been testified of by prophets. He told of 2 missionaries in Mongolia. Since the Book of Mormon hadn't been translated into Mongolian yet, they translated this one verse and gave it to a family to read and pray about. With that one verse they gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and changed their lives and came unto Christ. That is the power this book. It testifies of Christ and invites others to come unto Him. Christ knows us all individually so it makes sense that a Book that testifies of Christ can help us in our unique situation with our unique problems and challenges.

Ok, now I'm trying to remember the rest of the week. . . today was just tooooo good!!! We've been praying as a mission to be able to teach families and miracles are happening! We had a family come to our EEFY talent show on Saturday. I talked to the mom for a bit afterward and she seemed to really enjoy it and the people at church and said they would try to come to church. Also the referral from President Chan. Although the parents aren't interested we were able to have a really good conversation with their daughter about the church and how it could bless her and her kids.

I love you all so much!!!!


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