Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yesterday was full of miracles!!!

OTTAWA is GETTING SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tell them they are in the most amazing place ever!!  This work is amazing and there is no more important thing that they can be doing right now than sharing the gospel in Ottawa, Illinois.  

Well, I think your e-mail out does anything I could share about this week!  I'm just jumping up and down!  Can you believe we're getting sisters?!!!!  Well that fixes any awkward, "What am I going to do with my life after my mission before I start college-ness!"  Help the sisters!!!  

This week has been special, lots of unexpected, quiet miracles.  I've been feeling a bit lately like I'm not doing well as a missionary.  I know it's Satan trying to get at me, but it still hurts!!!  Sundays are hard becuase I feel like we're failing both wards, but somehow the elders each have a family and several investigators at church each Sunday, plus I still have to work hard to follow what is going on so that gives me too much time to think.  Sunday I centered my fast around having more faith, especially in prayer and in the Atonement of Christ.    

Nothing Super spectactular has happened. . . yet, but I feel better and I feel like I can do it (or at least I feel like that more often than I don't!)  Tuesday V., who has been moving her baptismal date back for the past 2 months, cancelled her appointment with us.  I was super excited for the lesson and really felt it would help her, plus she was our only appointment that day.  At the moment all in our back up plan was. . . finding, which we haven't had a lot of success with lately.  Luckily Sister Lier happened to be near by and just hugged me and pointed out all the lives I've touched until I realized that there were a BAGILLION records to be organized and haven't been touched since before I got to the area.  It turned out to be a successful day.

Yesterday was full of miracles!!! We met 3 people who really might have potential while we were finding, we also had the opportunity to share Joseph Smith's experience with two girls and it was the difference from them having 0 interest and maybe having a little!!!  We have potential of having at least new 3 people coming to English class on Saturday and scheduled a lesson with the L. family tomorrow!!

The L. family is really special.  They were baptized about 10 years ago.  We've been visiting Sister L. since I got here, their living is very very humble, Sister L. provides for the family. Everytime we go there she gives us fruit or some bread or sweet soup.  We tell her she really doesn't have to, but also accept graciously.  People here believe strongly in serving the missionaries and I've heard several people say things like, "Well I need to make sure I feed you or help you because I need these blessings".   Just these past few weeks she has been remembering to pray everyday and I've just seen her faith skyrocket!!! She seems to have a new light!! We asked yesterday if we could come on friday and share a message with her whole family including her two daugthers who don't come to church and her daughter and son who haven't been baptized yet.  Please pray that they are all there and they all listen.  We taught her about the plan of Salvation and asked which kingdom she wanted to go to and she said the Terrestrial kingtom because she feels she needs more knowledge to get to the Celestial kingdom.  Last time we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and told her that she definitely could go to the Celestial kingdom and that I wanted to see her there!!!  We're going to start calling her everyday this week to help her read the book of Mormon.  She doesn't read Chracters very well.  We're going to start with 3 Nepi 11 and 12 (because we only have the pin yam for those chapters.)  That should get us through the next week or so.  After that. . . hopefully we can get more ward members involved.  I just love her sooooooo much!! 

Yikes!! Fast questions then I better go!!
1 - Did Sister Lin join the church in Australia?  
Yes, about 5 years ago.

I love you!!


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